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This Month's Topics

Welcome to September’s Resident. I hope your summer has been a good one apart from the variable weather. We have had a bumper crop of apples and plums so have been busy freezing them, making pies and crumbles and wondering whether we need another freezer. Also I do not remember when I last picked blackberries on 1st August. Since the last edition was written in the middle of June there has been quite a bit happening. Thanks to people who have got in touch and updated us on local happenings and there are strong feelings about the poor infrastructure round Brightside School.  I am always interested in receiving info and points of view.

Local Plan

From the Council Meeting on 1st August it has transpired that the proposed independent review has been dropped. It is difficult to determine what is happening. What is the new timeline for the plan now. Despite commenting on the alternative sites being instead of some on the original plan there is no clarity other than a feeling that planning officers will have the final say. There seems to be a fear that when they do the number of houses will rise.
When representatives from BDRA, BAG and Billericay Society met John Baron he wanted clarity about the review and timeline.
  At the Council Meeting in August which can be attended by members of the public there was no opportunity to ask questions. You will see on page 11 the other actions which have been taken.
The Expansion of Brightside School is being closely monitored by the West Area Committee who have received comments from the last Resident re: parking with photos, the safety of parents and children at the beginning and end of the day.
  One respondent highlighted the further problem of commuters parking in the area.  A letter has been sent to Councillor Hedley which includes the suggestions by an ECC person from the education department who had followed up comments from the meeting with Highways. The executive committee have decided to update all residents in the area with a copy of the Resident so they can see what BDRA is doing and hopefully join the Association.

Volunteers event.

The Wine and Nibbles event in June was a great success. Those who came enjoyed themselves and each table took part in a quiz with clues about eateries in Billericay. You can have a go too with the clues on page 2. If you would like the answers then email me on later in September when everyone has had a go at them.

Feedback from summer events.

We were delighted to welcome 39 new members to the BDRA who were persuaded to join by our wonderful volunteers on the day of the Great Burstead Fete and the Summerfest.
You will see from page 11 that we are still needing more volunteers to help the running of the Association. None of the roles is onerous and it is a way to be involved in the community. Please get in touch if you can help.

Coach Trips.
There are 2 new trips to Ely and Bury this month as well as seats on the two theatre trips and the day out in Cambridge.


Let us know about  how we can improve the BDRA website and if you can help.
Please don’t be limited by what we have in this month’s edition do let the Editor know about any other concerns, plaudits and where we can pat people on the back.
As usual the way to contact us is email: or tel: 01277 632390 

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