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Letters to the Editorr

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Dear Editor,

I was watching the documentary on the modernisation of the post office and the removal of the 10,000 subsidy and wondered if anyone knows what is going to happen to the small post offices in places like Perry St and South Green. I am assuming that the one in the High St will stay as it is however I do wonder if it could cope with extra business as it often has long queues.
Name and address supplied.

Dear Editor,
Is this you?
I would be particularly pleased to hear from the local man who came to the Billericay Town Council’s Centenary of the Outbreak of the Great War Exhibition in August 2014 who brought along his ancestors collection of memorabilia from the SS River Clyde, which played such an important part in the landings at Gallipoli in April 1915.  I am sorry I am unable to recall your name but I know others would be very interested to have a chance to see some of the fascinating documents you brought along on that occasion.
Mrs Karen J Dennis, Memorials Officer, Essex Branch, The Western Front Association.
01277 655871 or email


Passingham Close
You will see in Committee news that the BDRA has been approached re a resident in Passingham Close who attended the East area committee.
On behalf of the all the residents of Passingham Close BDRA has written to Councillor Phil Turner, the Leader of the Council re the nuisance and danger of groups of youths engaging in anti social behaviour. This is after a resident has contacted Steve Prewer, Councillors Moore, Blake and Baggott without a positive solution.
In line with other parks and enclosed green spaces there has been a policy of leaving gates unlocked as an economic measure. The suggestion has been that local residents could carry out locking and unlocking.
However this seems unreasonable to expect them to confront a group of young people, possibly under the influence of drink or drugs, late at night, and require them to leave the site. We understand that the Council is considering allocating funding to improve the play equipment at Passingham, which seems odd while offensive behaviour is tolerated for lack of money. To date there has not been a reply.