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BDRA 90 celebrations got off to a successful start with a tea party for all the wonderful volunteers who deliver The Resident.

 What a tea party we had.  There must have been at least 90 road reps and distributors of the Resident who came to celebrate 90 years of a residents association. 

Some people didn’t think they would know anybody there but found they did but what they didn’t know was that they also delivered the Resident. It was a wonderful example of community engagement and we found out that Kathleen Cook had delivered a newsletter and then magazine for the BDRA for 52 years.  She started when her son was a baby and took him around in the pram. Pat Crosby also started the same way with her daughter in a pram and her daughter is now 40.

 During that time they had seen a newsletter with 4 pages become one with 12 pages and an anniversary edition of 16 pages.

Being there brought up a lot of memories of Billericay in days gone by.  The first  Resident in May 197 8 which followed the Buttsbury news and The Mayflower did not have ads but after a while and much debate there was an insert of advertisers in the 1980s. Over time these ads have reflected the ever changing High Street. Who remembers Dade and Weston and Wizard?

A quiz on road names was enjoyed by all. Did you know that there are 16 roads named after birds, at least 10 after flowers and 16 after trees?

Hopes and fears for the next 10 years are a key feature of BDRA looking forward and serving the community. Arrangements for the placement of the Time Capsule at the Cater Museum with these hopes and fears in it have been made, and John Baron MP has kindly agreed to present it to the museum on behalf of BDRA. This will be on September 30th in The Reading Rooms. We will share some of these hopes and fears in October’s edition of The Resident

It is hoped that through the process of voicing and recording these hopes and fears that the different sections of the community will support  the way forward for Billericay and District. If you want to join the BDRA in their endeavours and receive our magazine then please email: or phone John Buchanan on 01277 656715.