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We have a winner

A winner has been announced in the Logo Project that involved four Schools, Buttsbury, Quilters, St John’s and St Peter’s to design a Logo for The Reading Rooms.
The winning entry was from Buttsbury School and was the combined work of three pupils, Aimee Phillips, Tom Dodd and Imogen Nichols.
The prize of £100 was awarded to the school Head teacher Mrs Ann Robinson at a Presentation by Keith Wood, Chairman & Andy Maddocks, Vice Chairman. The three pupils each received £10 Gift Tokens and the remainder of the prize money will be used to buy books for the School Library.

Elizabeth Cottage Update
Our west Area committee have received an update regarding the future of Elizabeth Cottage from which it was determined that a surveyor was to look at the possibility of the initial structure dating from 17th Century.

At a meeting with Basildon planning people present were asked what they thought Elizabeth cottage could be used for. One response to the Resident was:

This drama has gone on long enough. My suggestion is for a charitable trust i.e. English heritage to acquire the building, refurbish then we move the Cater Museum contents to the new building. Then we get more office space in the High Street!

Swimming Pool

                   We were pleased to learn that the special chair for disabled swimmers is now in place at the First Strokes swimming pool in Lake Meadows. We were also advised that the lockers could now be locked

Lake Meadows

In response to a couple of letters received about the tennis courts opening times and use the Friends of Lake Meadows wanted to give residents the following information:

The courts are run by Rico Maza at the café under an agreement with Basildon Borough Council.
The courts are available to book between sunrise and sunset every day and can be booked at the café.
The charge is £5 an hour. Block bookings are available for regular sessions.
We believe the tennis coach books regular sessions within this system.
When the gates were left unlocked, young people were using the courts to play football and dogs were fouling the courts.


Greens Farm Lane, Stock Road and Perry Street have been identified as the key roads where further action needs to be taken.
There is a debate about the usefulness of Speed Advisory Signs however they are seen as a better option than speed cameras which penalise drivers 24/7.
It is thought that the flow of traffic at times when vulnerable children are going to school and at rush hour is not such a cogent argument as the traffic doesn’t flow well then anyway.
The situation is more than one of just speeding, in that although we are apparently forced to accept the level of danger these irresponsible people pose, Perry St. is made even more dangerous  by allowing it to be turned into a car park four times a day by cars and all other modes of transport stopping where ever they think fit to drop off their children for the schools, I say drop off but in the majority of cases this involves parking and thereby blocking off  half the road width.
There is a general frustration as it would appear to some that only a fatality will result in any action being taken.

These are complex issues however it does not mean that BDRA can’t put together a campaign and collect evidence with the aim of  making these roads safer and easier to use.