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Guess the Billericay Eateries

Have fun with this quiz. Do it with some friends with your favourite beverage in hand.

1.Excluding none
2. Latest cat in town
3.Change a vowel and make SHAPE new
4.Ancient natural landscape
5.Funny Mollusc
6.Italian Price
7.His and hers train
8. Cheerful Fish
9.Bootshaped question
10.He had 10,000 men
11.William’s brother in law
12. Psilocybe cubensis might change your mind

13. Why is America mixed up
14. Royal loaf of bread
15. RIDES (anagram)
16. On John Wayne’s shoulders
17.ESTHER KOU(anagram)
18. Father of India
19. Black pepper is crowned
20. 5 shillings
21.Elizabeth’s cod of gold
22.Daddy Fish
24. Pub at the end of the fairway
25. INDIA URCHIN(anagram)