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Committee News

 Brightside School Expansion
As requested by the Executive Committee, members prepared a letter to be sent to
County Councillor A Hedley setting out BDRA’s concerns and requesting his
assistance in resolving them. A copy  will also be sent to the Chair of Governors, Brightside School.
 Meeting with John Baron MP
Notes from the meeting were circulated to members. It was noted that the meeting
went well, that Mr Baron will be writing to Basildon Council, and that he has offered
assistance if BDRA/BAG/BSoc do not receive appropriate responses from Basildon
Council as the Local Plan progresses.
Overview of points covered in John Baron’s letter to the Council.
the expected timeline  
News of the Independent review now that there has been a recent change in party control.
The high Level Development Frameworks mentioned in the Cabinet Members’ Decision Report.
Clarity about sites and the opportunity for public scrutiny during the remainder of the Local Plan process.
Enquiry about the Community Infrastructure Levy Plan as this needs to run in tandem with the new developments so that there is not a decrease in the standard of services to existing residents.

We were delighted to hear that 39 new members were signed up from the summer events and our vision and strategy sub committee are looking at a membership drive with the October Resident.
Local Plan
Members attended the Council Meeting on 1st August to hear the latest news that an independent review is not now on the cards. We do not have news of a new timeline however this is one of the questions asked in the letter from John Baron MP.
Virgin Media    Attempts to obtain copies of the Permits under which the work is proceeding have been rebutted by ECC.  They suggested contact with Virgin who refused any contact between residents and the appropriate teams.  McNicholas were not especially helpful, representatives having no Identity Documents and refusing to give surnames.  They confirmed that notices of work should be provided in advance of any activity but agreed that these offered no timeframe for the work.  They confirmed that every house’s drive should be useable during the works, BUT ONLY IF THE RESIDENT REQUESTS IT !  If the drive is obstructed by a trench it is the resident’s responsibility to find one of the employees to seek appropriate assistance.  For out of working hours discovery, e.g. on a Sunday return from holiday, their only offer was to advise the resident to seek out one of the notices which give the McNicholas 24 hour care line.  ECC report that they have numerous, hundreds was
mentioned, complaints about Virgin’s travels across the county, but they appear to have done little to collate these and take appropriate action to protect those still suffering.
John reported that he had instructed Virgin/McNicholas to remove cabling incorrectly installed across church land at Darrell Way.
Some information on the ongoing works can be found on the website.

Billericay District Residents’ Association needs volunteers to help us with the following roles. If you would like to help us we need:-
A road rep
to deliver The Resident to Burstead Drive / Kevin Close / Patricia Gardens / Briar View+Close If you can help Helen Cherifi would be delighted to hear from you on 622369.
A secretary for the main committee and a secretary for the East/Burstead committee to prepare the agendas for the monthly meeting, write minutes and handle a small amount of correspondence;
A membership secretary for East Area to keep records of the members in the area and liaise with the road reps;
Members for the West Area Committee to attend meetings and share concerns about the west of Billericay;