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Unattended Petrol Station South Green

A member called me and let me know something which may be of interest to readers of "The Resident”
To use the unattended petrol station you are required to specify a maximum monetary amount of fuel you wish to purchase.
This amount is then pre-authorised against the payment card. A few days later the actual amount spent is charged against the card cancelling the pre-authorisation.
In these few days the pre-authorised amount shows on the on-line transactions if you check your card statement, and this reduces the amount left available to spend
on the card for that short period.
Thanks for this info as it could lead to problems if you didn’t understand the system. Ed.

I have word from ECC Inspector that the landowner has been told to clear the fallen tree and side growth blocking FP41 (Kennel Lane to Noak Hill Road). I look forward to an improvement.
Thanks, looking forward to your update. Ed.

We had a great day at Brighton on the BDRA coach trip

I thought I would send a photo of us enjoying the cream tea

Another more positive view

Having Virgin Media digging up our pavements is on the whole a perfect nuisance however here is a photo of the flowers which have grown in an area they dug up so I thought I would share it with you.