Schlossbrauerei Braunfels W.u.G. Wahl GmbH & Co / Brauhaus Obermühle Braunfels

Location:         Braunfels, Germany

Website:          Braunfels            

The original Schlossbrauerei was founded in 1868 by Philip Wahl and ceased production in 1996. The brewery was reopened and started brewing again under the Brauhaus Obermühle name in 2003.

Inscription: Braunfels Bier

Height: 13.5 cms

Diameter: 6 cms

Volume: 0.2l



Inscription: Braunfelser Pils

Height: 18.5 cms

Diameter: 6.5 cms

Volume: 0.2l



Inscription: Braunfelser Bier

Height: 12.5 cms

Diameter: 5.5 cms


Remarks: This glass is decorated with various hunting emblems all around the glass.


Inscription: Braunfels Bier

Height: 18 cms

Diameter: 5 cms

Volume: 0.25l