We have deer in our silage fields. This is the first year we have seen them.
At last we have been able to get our 3rd cut of big bale silage for winter feed.
The milk cows enjoy some late grass in the early morning mist.We hope they can go out in the day for a few more weeks before they have to be housed for the winter.
We have 6 cows due to calve in November so plenty to keep us busy also at the end of November the Christmas trees arrive and Anne starts making holly wreaths. 

This woodpecker is a regular visitor to the bird feeder in the hedge in front of the kitchen window, it is a very shy bird and we were very lucky to get the picture which taken from inside the house.Their has been a lot of swallows this year and we have had more nests than ever they have all flown now, But we hope some will return next year.

We are going to try and update this page regularly with what is going on on the Farm.
baby rabbits swallows sucklers
  Baby Rabbits in the paddock.
Swallows in the stable.
Suckler cows with calves.


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