Musical Services


CDs AVAILABLE - each priced at £5.

Tapes (1-hour) - each title £2 whilst tape stocks last!

 (all +£1.50 p/p per package).

Recordings List:


           I arrange, record and produce all products using high quality equipment.


Text Box: C60 Tapes:

Brian in Concert -  featuring a special ‘Flying Scotsman’ piece arranged during the locomotive’s visit to Peak Rail, Derbyshire.

Brian Plays Dance Music - An edited version of the CD of the same title.

Songs from the Shows - Popular melodies from well known musicals.

Old Sunday Favourites - Sing along to some old  melodies using ‘updated’ modern styles.

CD recordings:

Brian Plays Dance Music - Suitable for mixed dancing ballroom & sequence)

Brian Plays Sequence - Specially arranged for sequence dancing. Simply ‘dial’ a number on your CD player for the desired track.

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