Bill Whaley and Dave Fletcher




The year 2010 is something of a milestone - or should that be millstone! - as Dave will be 60 yrs old and Bill 65. Our good friend Colin Hayes who has helped organise B & D concerts in the past turns 70 and Denis Manders, our non-driving roadie and album note writer turns 80! Add to this the fact that Bill and Dave will have been singing together in one form or another for 40 years and we felt an event to celebrate was in order.
A concert has been arranged including our good friends Martyn Wyndham-Read with Iris Bishop and Trio Threlfall for 12 June 2010 at Swineshead Village Hall near Boston Lincs.
See Poster for details


We were finally caught on camera recently at Chester Folk Festival 2009 but the less said about that the better! However Ken Prydderch kindly videoed a couple of our concert spots there and some of the songs can be seen on YOUTUBE. It's all a mystery to us but I found them by searching for us by name or by Chester Folk Festival. Re-live a WhaleyFletcher moment in glorious youtube colour.


Following the popularity of music courses in France run by Martyn and Danni Wyndham-Read and their sad decision having to give them up, the baton has been taken up by a neighbour, Alison Benn. The courses will follow the style of those held a La Jeusseliniere and four have been arranged for 2009.

25th May - 29th May 2009 Soundsphere(4 part female harmony group, discover and develop your voice)

8th June - 12th June 2009 Mike Silver (Songwriting and Guitar)

29th June - 3rd July 2009 Harvey Andrews (Songwriting and Performance Skills)

7th September - 11th September 2009 Bill Whaley & Dave Fletcher (Enjoy the Magic of the Place and Sing)

Contact Alison on or phone 0033 (0)243053471 for an info pack.


Crikey! -Will it never end? The new album is now available titled "Acorn to Oak" and contains 17 songs from great songwriters, some of whom we've had the priviledge of using their songs previously and some new dicoveries for us.
Martyn Wyndham-Read says of the album - "17 Songs with the Bill Whaley and Dave Fletcher indelible stamp. The sympathetic touch of Billís playing so compliments the joy of Daveís singing, grasping the tunes and words by hand and throat. Both Bill and Dave who were Acorns have now become well established Lincolnshire Oaks spreading their branches far and wide. Their infectious enthusiasm captures the atmosphere and draws the listener into these songs."
Comments from some of the songwriters include:-
"I like the variety of songs that you've chosen and already for me there are a number of standout tracks, the whole album has a great feel to it and I'm going to enjoy exploring it over the next few weeks."... Stan Graham
"What a delightful and refreshing CD you and Bill have come up with - entirely new material that is diverse, engaging and a real pleasure to listen to. Every song contributor has provided a different dimension and each has added a quite seperate melodic and lyrical spoke to the overall musical wheel which both you and Bill so readily turn with such detailed vocal agility and musical conviction. "...Eric Payne


Bill and Dave have recently recorded their two tracks for Song Links 2. Following on from the success of the original Song Links, which took traditional English songs and presented them with their Australian variants, Song Links 2 follows the same pattern with songs that migrated to the United States.
The songs were premiered in a concert at Sidmouth Festival in 2004 and the album was launched with a concert at Cecil Sharp House, London on Sunday, April 17th 2005.
The concert was narrated by Shirley Collins and featured The Copper Family, John Kirkpatrick, Jim Causley, Bill & Dave, Emily Portman & Lauren McCormick, Cassie Franklin, Jeff Davis, Sara Grey, Kieron Means, Benji Kirkpatrick, Mary Humphries & Anahata, Martyn Wyndham-Read with Iris Bishop John Dipper and Gary Holder.