Binnie Family Tree (& beyond)
Pippa Binnie


This tree is the culmination of over 25 years work by myself and others with whom I have found connections after posting information on the web. It has been by far the most successful way of locating other relatives within the same tree.

I have to acknowledge several people who have contributed greatly to this tree namely :-
Freda Threlkeld, Griffith Barker, Norman Barker, Phil Jones and Bob Bond for a lot of the data on the Barker branches. Dorothy Houghton & Peter Ryan for data relating to the Barnes and Whittaker branches. Paul Hagan for the data on the Hagan branch. Daniel Clausen and Margaret Weber for the data on the Heeney line and many many others who have each contributed bits here and there.

There is a large CAVE family & descendants listed here from the Halsall & Blackburn areas. I have since discovered that I am not connected to them in any way but I leave them on here for information of any interested parties. My area of interest is the Bristol CAVE family. For this reason I have separated out the Blackburn families who are not part of my tree and these can be found here. Blackburn CAVEs

A lot of the families on the tree now are not directly connected to me but are connected to others on the tree. A lot of data has come from census information, parish registers, etc. but some has also been taken from the IGI or similar. If you find any data which you feel is incorrect or any broken links please contact me so that I can amend it.



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Last Updated Jan 2016