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St Mary's Church, Great Bircham, Norfolk, England
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Although bells have been rung in our tower for about 650 years, the ringers only formed a society in the middle of the reign of Queen Victoria. Evidence of this society was found in the ringing chamber during a clearout in 1999, a printed set of rules pasted to an oak board: Victorian Rules

If you look at the fines imposed for misconduct and lateness you will see that some amounted to more than a day's wages for the local ringers, most of whom would have been farm labourers.

For many years after the First World War the bells were not rung regularly, often only as chiming bells, and the condition of the bell frame and operating mechanisms deteriorated. 

With the approach of the Millennium there was a concerted effort, by a small group of local volunteers, to restore the damage and bring the bells back to a good ringable condition. The first service rung on the restored bells was in late November 1999.

The volunteers then decided to reform the Great Bircham Society of Bell Ringers

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