Roll of Honour: The Korean War 1950 to 1953
Not one of them is forgotten before God

This Roll of Honour contains the names of 1139 British Service personnel from the Navy, Army and Royal Air Force who lost their lives in the Korean Theatre of war from the outbreak of war on 25th June 1950 up to one year after the cease fire - 27 July 1954. These are the criteria used by the Army Historical Branch in compiling their official Roll of Honour. It includes men who died from all causes, and does not claim to judge whether a death was operational or non-operational. All but five of the entries in the Roll of Honour include a photograph of the gravestone or memorial. The photographs were taken at the United Nations Memorial Cemetery, Pusan, and the Commonwealth Memorial at Pusan to those with no known grave, and the post-war (World War 2) Section of the Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery, Yokohama, Japan.

The primary sources for this Roll of Honour are the memorials themselves. Individual's entries contain the relevant extracts from the two major works on the subject. The first is the British Korean Veterans Association sponsored Book of Remembrance produced in association with the St Paul's Memorial Project. Now in its second edition, it is the only reference source hitherto that has been widely available. The first edition was the basis for the number of deaths quoted by General Farrah-Hockley in his Official History: 1078. Using the same criteria - death up to 27 July 1953, this Roll of Honour would number 1104. This difference of 26 is accounted for by the inclusion of all those who died in Japan (many after being evacuated wounded from Korea), and some omissions in Naval and Air Force lists.

The second major source is the Army Roll of Honour produced to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the war. This has settled many of the previous discrepancies in official records by referring back wherever possible to the original files. The valuable help given by many individuals is acknowledged in the acknowledgements page. The organisation of the Roll is simple - each name is linked to a page, which contains the details of the casualty and a picture of his memorial. The links lead to to the alphabetical list which groups all 1139 names grouped alphabetically or to the service and regimental lists which organise the names by service or regiment, using the format adopted by the BKVA Book of Remembrance.

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