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   Outgang Brewery and Thomas Elstone Brewery

(the image is not the actual brewery logo but taken from a photo of Thomas Elstone with evicted local mining families)

The Kinsley Hotel, Wakefield Road, Kinsley, Pontefract WF9 5EH         e-mail thepub@sky.com

CAMRA's Brewery Liaison Officer for this brewery is Bob Wallis

The brewhouse is situated in the rear part of the historic Kinsley Hotel and the Thomas Elstone name derives from the landlord at the time of the Kinsley Evictions of 1905, a key event in Yorkshire mineworkers' history. The local Twixt Aire and Calder Website  is a wonderful starting point to learn more about this event. Outgang Terrace in Kinsley was where newlyweds probably had their first house. The Outgang Brewery name will be used for beers brewed specifically for the customers of the Kinsley Hotel, so we might see Outgang Bitter, Outgang Mild etc. The Thomas Elstone name is planned to be kept for beers that go out to the trade.

As of July 2011 the brewhouse was fully insulated and clad and brewing vessels were awaiting components such as the heat exchanger. By mid-August, the brewing vessels were in position and awaiting final pipework prior to testing. It will be a 2 barrel plant, upgradable to 5bbl if required, and the brews will be available principally at the pub itself and possibly at Hemsworth Miners' Welfare up the hill in Fitzwilliam. At the end of August is that mash tun and copper were in position, with all pipework to vessels in place, the next task being the completion of a pump station so that the main circulator pump can be switched from one task to another. Test brewing commenced in October 2011 with just water so that the flow and temperatures could be observed, inter alia speed of boil, operation of the heat exchanger, effectiveness of hot liquor tank in retaining heat. The landlord Gordon Mair has trained at Brewlab, Sunderland University.

The loading from immersion heaters in the kettle caused the fuseboard to burn out, so Gordon was forced to instal a  new three phase electricity supply. January 2012 saw the pub offering up to four cask-conditioned Yorkshire-brewed ales at extremely reasonable prices which have established a local demand for real ale in a pub which had been keg-only for a number years. Due to a series of setbacks the brewery, as of mid-May 2012 not yet in production.

Malts are being sourced from Fawcetts of Castleford

More pictures can be seen on this PicasaWeb Album including mash tun and copper in place, ready to brew. Check this page again soon!

This exterior shot of the Kinsley Hotel shows how huge the place is!

a quick glance into the brewhouse, during the installation phase