Frank R. ‘Bob’ Andrews has a background of radio and electronic engineering. He first trained extensively in the Royal Air Force in radio theory and communications, maintaining a life-long interest in this subject. He is Founder/Associate at the poster web-site of the Janus Foundation; a blue sky think-tank on Interstellar Communications and related topics. During a working career in several professions, including law enforcement and international business, he served as a Director of several companies specialising in the production of electronic calculators, remote signalling and sensing devices and advanced radio communication equipment.  As a young airman in the early 1950's, Bob first sowed the seeds of his endeavours during his radio training. Intrigued by the advances in communication technology he embarked on a study of radio propagation, theoretical physics, cosmology and other related disciplines. In July 1956 he wrote his first paper, Spaceflight, on the possibilities of achieving the superluminal velocities that would be needed in future space exploration. Circulated privately this paper delineated the paradigm breakthroughs that would be required before fast and effective travel and communication between neighbouring star systems in our galaxy and beyond could be attained. He is the author of several published papers and articles on space related topics. A Private Pilot for many years with hundreds of hours to his credit and a deep sea yachtsman, his other hobbies include reading History, playing village cricket and collecting books, pictures and writing. He was elected a Fellow of the British Interplanetary Society in 1987 and a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society in 1990..He is a  Reader Emeritus in the Church of England. He can be contacted at

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