No, this young fellow is not the new MoD liaison officer for the Cape Wrath bombing range, but he looks as though he's enjoying keeping order at the 2001 Durness Highland Gathering.


These smashing young Highland dancers took top prizes and had some great fun. They are, left to right, Kerry Banks (11), Elona MacNab (8) and Kirri Shallcroft (11), all Wick.


Another way of having fun!


Dottie Mackay, former chieftain. Dottie hails from Portskerra but has lived in Durness for nearly forty years.


Paul Mackay won the Barr Cup as overall field events champion of the parish of Durness.


Chieftain Janette Mackay, Strathy (right) and Dorothy Fraser, Durness. Janette's daughter, Carol-Ann, played a 6/8 pipe march tune composed in her mother's honour by Pipe Major Andy Venters.

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