“Do they get a grant from us?”


NOVEMBER 2001 - NO. 121

As ithers see us...

The following excerpt has been taken from the diary column of The West Highland Free Press of Friday, October 12 2001.

Every now and then, we catch sight of a “Northern Times” supplement with old news and pictures of Sutherland going back to the year dot.

Last week they showed a cuddly postcard sent from Golspie in 1905, showing the Duchess of Sutherland and her daughter. The message on the back reads: “Golspie deserted. Every man in the place is off”.

The reason for this was quite simple, said the NT (then owned by Her Grace, the Duchess of Sutherland): “It’s likely they have gone to Edinburgh for a review of the Volunteers.” It couldn’t possibly be that every man in the place had been cleared out of sight by the House of Sutherland.

Still on the Sutherland newspaper scene, we note that “Am Bratach”, the community news magazine for the north-west, celebrates ten years of publication next month. Like all decent newspapers, it has a habit of rattling the cages and next month’s issue will look at “some of the ups and downs in life at the Bratach”.

There have been plenty of them, it would seem, including an ongoing rammy with Highland Council over claims that the coonsil is trying to discredit “Am Bratach” in the eyes of the Scottish Executive — a story which appeared under the heading “Spiteful council clypes to capital”.

Meanwhile, Sutherland area councillors remain completely impartial and unbiased towards “Am Bratach”. Typical of them is Coonsillor Barbara Jardine, whose picture recently appeared “Private Eye”-style on the front cover alongside the caption: “I have nothing against this paper except that it exists”. It’s good to have friends in life.

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