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Programme for 2012


Demonstrator Main Competition Novice Competition Remarks and Information

No Meeting

Feb 1st Annual General Meeting NONE Mushroom Bud Vase
March 7th Steve Heeley 10 inch Platter Bud Vase Instruction - Cord Pull

Timber sales from Frank Harnwell

April 4th Gerry Marlow Log with 8 Mushrooms Cord Pull Instruction - Dibber

Timber sales from Terry Staines

May 2nd Alan Truman Sugar Bowl with Spoon Dibber Instruction - Small Vase

Timber sales from Frank Harnwell

June 6th Colin Tierney A Burr Turning Small Vase Instruction - Bottle Stopper

Timber sales from Frank Harnwell

Saturday June 16th

Hands On and Social Day 10 am to 5 pm

July 4th Tony Walton Cruet Set Bottle Stopper Instruction - Small Box

Timber sales from Terry Staines

Aug 1st Jeff Rayner Dish with 3 Eggs Small Box Instruction - Key Ring

Timber sales from Frank Harnwell

Saturday 18th to Monday 27th August. 'ART IN WOOD' Summer Exhibition and Sale at the Cathedral Centre Ely

Sept 5th Hands On Night Earring Stand Key Ring Instruction - Door Wedge

Members' bring and buy tools and timber exchange

Oct 3rd Peter Nicholls Pot Pourri Pot Door Wedge Instruction - Small Hollow Form

Timber sales from Peter Nicholls

Saturday Oct 13th Dave Reeks

All day Saturday Session - Guild or AWGB Members - 10.

9.30 am for a 10.00 am Start. Finishing at 5.00 pm. Non Members - 15 including refreshments. Lunch extra

Nov 7th Martin Pidgen Table Stand for Pen, Pencil etc Small Hollow Form Instruction by Martin Pidgen

Timber sales from Martin Pidgen

Dec 5th

Fun Night with refreshments

Timber sales from Terry Staines
Committee Meetings 25th January 25th April 25th July 31st October

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