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March 2009 - Robin Fawcett

October 2008 - Nick Arnull May 2007 - Tom Pockley April 2007 - Stuart King

November 2006 - Phil Irons

May 2006 - Derek Philips

October 2005 - Tom Pockley

Guild Meeting on Wednesday 5th October 2005 - Guest Demonstrator - Tom Pockley

Tom made a welcome return visit to the Guild to demonstrate the art (or is it craft?) of 'Involuted Turning'.  This involves blocking four pieces of wood together and turning the outside and then re-blocking and glueing them inside out and turning them again - leading to a hollow form which appears to be turned on the inside as well (which of course, it is).  In the second part of the demonstration, Tom showed how, using the same basic technique, this time without the glueing, one can simultaneously make two pairs of candlesticks that again individually look like they cannot have been made on a wood lathe.

Fitting the four blocks of wood between centres The chips fly as Tom gets on with the turning. Ta-Da - and here's one he made earlier!

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All Day Special - Saturday 18th October - Nick Arnull

Nick gave us a fascinating and informative day long demonstration with the emphasis on form, colour, texture and piercing and finishing techniques - a welcome addition to the more familiar turning technique demonstrations.

Nick has many 'signature' pieces and was good enough to share the secrets of his 'Constellation' platter with us - seen here on the lathe just prior to final finishing Nick seen here presenting the Constellation platter he made to our Chairman, John Cox

A small display of some of Nick's other 'signature' pieces that he brought along to show us

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Guild Meeting on Wednesday 3rd May 2006 - Guest Demonstrator - Derek Philips

Derek getting 'into' a burr topped box Derek resorting to some unusual 'turning' tools in the form of a heatgun and white spirit whilst turning a bowl! The finished bowl

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Guild Meeting on Wednesday 7th June 2006 -Daniel Bangham of Wood Wind & Reed

Daniel gave a fascinating talk about the methods used and reasoning behind his making of almost 200 reproduction clarinets and flutes in the 1980's and 90's.  These were all commissions for some of the most famous and respected musicians playing and recording 'ancient' music.
Daniel showing some of the music recordings which featured his instruments Daniel with one of his reproduction clarinets

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Guild Meeting on Wednesday 2nd November 2006 - Phil Irons

Phil gave an informative and amusing demonstration of how to make a miniature version of his 'trademark' wooden hat.
The miniature hat starts to take shape As the wet wood gets thinner the light glowing through shows how even the thickness is After finishing the turning down to a thickness approaching 1.5mm, Phil laced the hat up with appropriately positioned elastic bands and showed how the brim can be bent up into position by placing it over the hot lamp.  The whole process of the rim curling up took just a few minutes and literally happened before our very eyes!

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Guild Meeting on Wednesday 4th April 2007 - Stuart King

Stuart King gave us a fascinating evening with a difference - video clips of woodturning from a street turner in Marrakech through German 'hoop' animal turners to a superb insight into Bill Jones turning and incredibly cluttered workshop.  He punctuated all this with some demonstration turning as well.

A 'screenshot' of one of Stuart's videos - a demonstration by a street turner in Marrakech using a hand operated bow-lathe to turn a chess piece using the skew chisel with his foot for all the operations - even the captive ring!! Stuart replicating the aforementioned chess piece using the skew.  That's where the similarity ended as he (sensibly) gave in to traditional western lathe methods by using his hands and a conventional powered lathe!

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Guild Meeting on Wednesday 2nd May 2007 - Tom Pockley

Tom's return this year was, as ever, entertaining and informing.  The first half was devoted to a basic lesson in bowl design and turning for beginners but there was something for us all to learn.  Then, after tea, the difficulty level was turned up and we were treated to the inner secrets of Tom's 'trademark' thin-walled perfect sphere turning.
Tom again offers up up one that he made earlier - this time a truly 'awful' bowl to illustrate how not to do it!  Anyone who thought it was nice kept their thoughts to themselves. Making shavings and heading towards a much better example of a 'nice' bowl.

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