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Nana received his basic musical training from the Ashanti Cultural Centre in Ghana. Hailing from a family of musicians, he was involved in traditional music as a drummer from the age of nine. As a child protege, he toured the United States in the 1960's as part of the Civil Rights Movement sharing the stage with Martin Luther King, Mohammed Ali, Malcolm X, Nina Simone and many others. In his native Ghana he inadvertently found himself in strange company - his roady was none other then Jerry Rawlins, later to become the Head of State.

Nana has worked professionally with a vast range of musicians from traditional African music through to jazz and pop. These have included Oumou Sangare, Fela Kuti, Paul McCartney, Andy Hamilton, Ali Farka Toure, Chris McGregor, Dudu Pukwana, David Murray and Nick Mason (of Pink Floyd).

Nana Tsiboe's debut album "Asem Ni" or "Trouble Dat" on the famous World Circuit label has its origins in Ghanaian Hi-Life with Tsiboe as composer and lead vocalist on all songs. His second album Ahom (Breath) is now available - see the downloads page. His own band Supa Hi Life plays rhythmic, up-tempo dance music and recently headlined at the Basel Festival of African Music in Switzerland. A Master Drummer, storyteller and great entertainer, Nana is a vocalist, plays several instruments, including bass, kit drums, djembe, talking drum and mbira. Expect ultrafunky roots music from the home of funk Ghana.

For 2006, there are some exciting new projects lined up and when they are ready, they will be published on this site.

Click here for the link to a BBC review of Nana's Womad 2005 gig.

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