Child Protection

Criminal Record Bureau Checks

“Doing the Right Things”


As you know Calverton MWFC are proud to be a FA Charter Standard Community Club and each of our volunteers play an important role in our ‘team’.

By achieving this Standard we have been able to apply for funding to improve our facilities.

More importantly, this accreditation demonstrates that we are a responsible and safe club.

In order to retain the Charter Standard it is a requirement that all our volunteers working with children to complete a CRB form. Regardless of the Charter Standard these checks are to become mandatory.

We are aware that many of you have already completed an old style form a couple of years ago but we ask for your co-operation in completing the new style one. These checks and will last for three years.

The cost of processing each form is £7.50 which runs to approximately £300 for our club.

Dean Wilson is one of our Child Protection Officers and will act as our ‘Designated Person for Child Protection’ and will witness each of your forms.

Please help Dean in carrying out this important role on behalf of the children of our club.



If you have any questions please ask Dean or John Daniel.

As a reminder as to why we need to do this please read the following …….

Protection for young footballers

Praise for the partnership between The FA and the NSPCC has come from Kevin Wells – father of murdered Soham schoolgirl Holly Wells – speaking at The FA’s annual conference on Child Protection held at Pride Park in Derby on 16 November 2004.

Mr Wells' daughter, Holly, was murdered by Ian Huntley

Kevin and his wife Nicola were appointed Ambassadors for The FA’s work on child protection at the conference, which went under the title of “Doing the Right Things”.

“I think that the title is an all-encompassing phrase, and having familiarised myself with the child protection issues and best practice advice already in place, it does not take long to assess that it also carries a genuine degree of authenticity,” he said.

In praising the work of The FA and the NSPCC, Kevin added that he is sure it is a partnership which will bear further fruit in the future. “I am certain that no one will be resting on their laurels in the very sensitive subject matter of making football a safe, respectful environment for children to play in, learn from and to make their experiences positive ones to recall for years to come.”

He also welcomed the introduction of mandatory CRB checks across football, adding that he feels the only way forward is to embrace change positively and wholeheartedly, leading to the implementation of legislative requirements at the earliest available opportunity, for the benefit of countless millions of children throughout the years to come.

“In Soham we have two football clubs, Soham United and Soham Town Colts who both run and organise youth football across the age group range. To their credit both of these clubs are registered Charter Standard clubs, therefore already embracing both child protection and CRB checking issues which fall under that remit.”

Kevin, who is a qualified referee and junior coach, urged delegates to return to their respective County FAs and be proactive in making a positive difference to the lives of children in their area. “Children are our most precious commodity, so I would ask that everybody uses their influence to make others comprehend and embrace the ethos behind the policy.”