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Tournament 2003

Calverton Summer Football Tournament 2003

The 5th (6th if you count last year’s Golden Jubilee Tournament) Annual Calverton Summer Tournament was held over the weekend of the 5th and 6th July.
After last year’s disaster with the weather we decided to go back to our ‘regular’ tried and trusted weekend.
The weather this time round was much kinder and although it was by and large cloudy with a cool breeze it was ideal for football.
Whether or not there will be a tournament next year is highly doubtful. The pitch work is due to start later this month and it will need a complete year’s rest before being playable.

Work started on the organisational front in February and March. Invites going out to every team of under 13 and below in the YEL, to every girls team in the under 10 and 12 divisions of the Nottinghamshire Girls and Ladies Football League and to all the contacts we could find with an under 7 boys team. In short, every junior section for which Calverton have a team, the intention was to include them in the Tournament.


Quite early on we found that we may have a problem. Normally there is an early flurry of applicants from all age groups but we received none at all from any girls teams.

I was tipped off that our Tournament clashed with a huge national girls tournament on Victoria Embankment and interested clubs were choosing to go there. I also found that the there was a Sunday tournament at Hucknall Sports where most clubs had also been invited. We were effectively chasing the same teams to come to our respective tournaments.
This proved to be a bit of an headache and I probably spent more time on the phone this tournament trying to rally entrants than I have in all the others put together.

To counter the non-attendance of the girls it was decided to open the Sunday afternoon slot up to under 14 boys, even though we would have no representatives of our own.

154 Entrants

Eventually we ended up with 154 entrants to compete over 8 age groups and only had 2 teams which failed to turn up. I say only 2, but this is 2 more than in any of the previous years and the drop-out do tend to spoil things the other teams in their group as it invariably means one less game.

Another feature of this year’s tournament was the introduction of a Plate competition in all age groups up to under 13. The intention here was to keep teams who were struggling in the group stages interested with something still to aim for. This seemed to work well.

Although the number of helpers were slightly down on previous years due to holidays, everybody rallied round and the whole weekend ran very smoothly with a lot of people commenting that this was the best one that we’d ever staged. So much so that during most of the weekend we were actually running ahead of schedule. There was no repetition of 2 years ago when a couple of finals were played after 8 o’clock with the light beginning to fade.

Choc had his referee’s superbly organised and I think it fair to say he probably had more in number than in previous years. These are great, giving their time freely – many not even associated with the club and deserve all the thanks they get.


As it doesn’t get lost I include the note from Dave Lee thanking everyone for contributing to the Bike Ride raffle. Here it is:
“Just a note to thank all those parents who bought the Manchester to Nottingham Bike Ride Sponsor tickets at the Calverton Tournament, especially those from other clubs, Thanks for your support. We raised over £500 over the 2 days which goes a long way to reaching our Target.
Thanks to Colts who have already started to return Sold Sponsor Tickets stubs for the Manchester to Nottingham Bike Ride. Every Colt Team member has the chance to win one of the signed shirts by just returning 20 Sold Tickets Stubs. The winners will be drawn from a hat, Aaron Barker & Mason White are already in the Draw which take place on the evening of the Bike Ride….so don't miss out on these valuable prizes.
If you have not received your tickets contact your Team manager.
David Lee”

Tea Ladies

I’m not going down the route of praising everyone because I’m bound to leave someone out and cause offence – but everyone concerned knows what he or she contributed. Just as an illustration though, the tea ladies were selling cups of tea at 20p and cakes at 15p. They made a profit of over £450 so how many cups of tea is that?


And so to the football. Being associated with our under 17s I have lost track a little as to how good some of the younger teams are. I was told on a few occasions that some of the teams entered were of high quality and that on paper a super tournament was on the cards. This certainly proved to be the case with some excellent football being played. With so many good teams about it is extremely pleasing that we had teams in four age groups reaching the semi-final stage and one team reaching the semi-final of the Plate.
This is a sign of the improvements being made as a club as we very rarely have a team progressing this far let alone five! One of these days in the not to distant future, we may get a team through to one of our finals.


Saturday morning saw the under 8s and under 9s competition both with some very strong and talented teams. At under 8 we had a side progress to the semi-final stage where they were paired with Aslockton Cranmers. Aslockton boast 2 or 3 lads already with Nottingham Forest connections and I think it fair to say were dealing with most teams fairly comfortably during the group stages. Our lads certainly gave them a run for their money in semi-final going down by the odd goal. To illustrate how well our lads performed Aslockton then went on to beat Vernon by 7-0 in the final. Netherfield Orange winning the Plate competition.


At under 9 we managed to field no fewer than three teams – such is the interest at this age group. Again this was a strong competition and again Calverton had a team progress to the semi-finals were they were beaten by the eventual winners of the competition Toton A. Calverton manager Pete Bowman had tipped me off earlier that Toton were a very good side and he wasn’t wrong. Vernon got a team through to the final at this age group too but disappointingly for them could only be satisfied with a second set of runners up medals. Wollaton Pumas were winners on the Plate competition.

Penalty Shoot Out

On Saturday afternoon we saw the effects of the Hucknall tournament with only 15 entrants in the under 11 competition (and one of those failed to turn up!). However, by juggling numbers it was possible to extend the under 10 competition to 25 teams – the highest number of entrants throughout the weekend.

The Calverton under 11 squad was depleted due to holidays with only 11 players being available to stand-in manager Derek Todd. This meant that he only had one sub for one team and none for the other. However, for the third time during the day, Calverton reached the semi-final stage only to fall one game short of a medal. RR Merlin Blue beating Wilford Mavericks B in the final with Wilford Mavericks A winning the Plate.


At under 10, this was probably the toughest one to win due to the higher number of entrants. The Plate was also extended to incorporate more teams. Again, Calverton had a team reach the semi-final stage but this time probably lost out in the most heartbreaking way. Having placed some excellent and passionate football throughout, encouraged by a sizeable crowd, Calverton took Netherfield Colts all the way through extra time to a penalty shoot out. Even then both teams were level and it progressed to sudden death before Calvo’s valiant efforts came to a close. It must have been a great experience for the lads and can only have done their confidence a power of good knowing they had got to the last 4 of 25 teams. Netherfield were beaten by Carlton Town in the final with Aslockton Cranmers winning the Plate.

Everybody went for a pint and waited to see what Sunday would bring.


Sunday morning was the under 12 and under 13 competitions.

Both of these age groups had a late flurry of applications and both were up to their full quota of 20 teams which, from an organisational point of view, was very pleasing as it ensured a good competition.

At under 12 our teams didn’t progress into the knock out stages. Looking at the quality of the entrants – many of the teams were of division 1 or division 2 standard and progression may well have been a tall order for our lads. Having said that they put in a battling display and recorded some good wins. The winners of this competition were Long Eaton United B with Aspley Lions B finishing as runners up. The Plate was lifted by Cotgrave Colts Blue.


At under 13 it was a similar story with some very strong entrants. Calverton had one team progress to the Plate competition but, for the 5th time over the weekend, fell at the semi-final stage. To give some indication of the quality of the competition, the team that defeated Calverton were made up of Woodthorpe players who traditionally have been amongst this age group’s front-runners. Trent Rangers B beat Carlton Town in the final to lift the trophy and West Bridgford A Black took the Plate home.

“I’m a defender Mister. Where do you want me to stand?”

Sunday afternoon provided one of the most pleasing competitions as the 6 and 7 year olds with the big kits competed in there tournament. Netherfield entered a team comprising exclusively of girls. It was during this session that the quotes from the referees reported last week were heard: “I’m a defender Mister. Where do you want me to stand?” Another 6 year old when encouraged to take a throw-in ‘Down the line, down the line!’, proceeded to run 15 yards down the line before being stopped and told to go back and take the throw-in.
This competition was organised such that all the teams progressed into the knock-out stages whether it be the competition proper or the Plate. Unfortunately, both of our teams fell at the quarter final stages but hopefully it was a good experience for them as either one team or other played a game against every other club that entered the competition. Winners of this competition were West Bridgford A with Vernon Red (for the third time over the weekend) finishing as runners up. Stapleford Villa A won the Plate.

The Under 14 competition was staged at the same time. Due to the way this was structured into groups of 6, every team played at least 5 games and as such there was no Plate on offer. As I mentioned earlier, this session was arranged fairly late on to replace the girls and I’d like to thank the teams who came at relatively short notice. Calverton do not have a team in this age group. At the end of an exhausting afternoon Carlton Town emerged with both their teams in the final with the Yellow team ( below left ) pipping the Blues after a penalty shootout.

Marie Celeste

As in previous years, within an hour of the competition finishing everything was packed away, all litter picked up and you wouldn’t have known anyone had been there.

Will there be a tournament next season? Watch this space………
John D

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