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Under 13 Girls

Under 13 Girls


The team with our sponsor Graham Storer – Storer Refrigeration


Our new signing – Holly J


Captain, Vice Captain & Graham Storer (our sponsor)


Our mascot - Jack


The Team
Under 13 Girl's new away kit


Match Report 14 March - CALVERTON v SHERWOOD

League cup semi final

The girls arrived at the cluc ready to produce a good result their heads were on. Off we went on style on our calverton connection bus carefully driven by allan.

We arrived at warsop and began warm up. The match kicked off and we leaned on them heavily straight from the starting blocks not allowing them to dominate the middle a superb pass through to courtney from amy which created a superb goal taken by hobnob pure class a well struck goal giving their goali no chance at all .

An injury meant some careful thinking and fleet came onto right wing to take nellys place.

The whistle went for half time a strong talk to them ensuring they kept their heads.

Out we went for the second half sherwood came out strong and put us under pressure we soaked it up and dealt with it amy nuthall doing a superb job of marking a good player out the game.

The last 5 mins we had to dig deep as the girls could see victory they gave us some heart stopping moments.

At last the final whistle went the girls and manager were ecstatic their first ever cup final.

Man of match AMY NUTHALL

The girls were determined to win this to prove Choc wrong thanks mr chairman you gave them the lift they needed



Match Report 14 February - Calverton v Bingham

The girls were looking forward to this match they know they have won the league but they want to finish it unbeaten. The girls kicked off at two with plenty of support from parents and other managers and our one legged chairman at the moment.

Within a few minutes Beth had put one in closely followed by a cracking shot from Hannah absolutely superb. The girls settled into form and applied pressure Stevo then popped one in and by the end of the match she had placed five into the back of Binghams net.

Hobnob, Lottie and Hannah finishing the goals off gave us 10 in their net, our own goalie was injured and Georgia Robinson went in feeling very nervous but did ok too well done Georgia allowing Bingham only to score two. Georgia Nelson was injured to but was shouting encouragment from the side.

This is our last home game of the season and what a fantastic season these girls have had they have won the league and are in two semi finals too.

We have a semi final next Sunday at Sherwood at 10.30 lets hope the girls success continues.

Well done to you all.





7 February 2010 - Ilkeston Ladies 2 v Calverton 14

The girls set off on our own personal transport our superb cc carefully driven by Allan and supported by Daren.

This was the quarter final of the league cup with 5 minutes gone we were 2 or 3 up this continued and by half time were 7 or 8 up. The easy bit was done as it was downhill. The whistle blown and off we set up the hill and it was goal after goal the girls were in tip top form in boggy conditions.

The goals came from Stevo (10) , Lottie(2), Georgia(1) ,Hobnob(1)

Georgia had to come off due to illness and Kate a Rooney came on and had a couple of chances on goal Well done Kate.

This was a good solid performance and an easy victory into the semis

Finally after getting home and seeing league results coming in we realised we had become the league champions

Well done to you all I'm proud of each and every one of you .

On a personal note I would like to thank the team around me Kate Hughes, Carole Nelson,Nic Knowles,Helen Nuthall and special thanks to John Hobson,Kevin Jennings ,Gary Hope and Chelsea Bennett and not forgetting our own referee David Swinscoe




31 January 2010 - Bingham 1 v Calverton 11

After a long wait and final pitch inspection we were finally off and down to business.

The first ten minutes of the games were a little rocky but then mood picked up a fantastic display of ball control and passing and generally making the ball do the work.

Georgia popped one in quite quickly this was in of her 3.

Holly popped four in the back of the net with ease.

Hobnob sent three smacking into back of the net.

The first time this season Amy popped one in. It was a solid performance from the whole team from defence right up to striker. The girls commanded the game and dominated throughout keeping focused at all times.

The Calverton Connection have become our lucky mascot. This was an important game one more win required and yes the league title comes home to Calverton

Man of the Match - Georgia and Hobnob

Well done girls you do deserve your success you have worked so hard.



29 January 2010 - Calverton 11 Ilkeston Town Ladies 0

The girls first match under the floodlights some were excited and some were nervous but they settled down very quickly and rose to the occasion. The first goal went in at just 47 seconds well done Stevo. From then on the game was ours we were in total control.

Goals were plentiful Lottie scored her first league goal this season closely followed by another then Biff and then s couple from Georgia.

Stevo taking her tally to 6 on the night it was a fantastic opportunity for the girls to play at night and was good to see some support.

Thanks to Dave Lee for running the line much appreciated and the under 10s for balling.

Again a fantastic performance.

Man of match - the whole team



Sunday 24th January 2010 - Mansfield Town Ladies v Calverton

We arrived at the ground with style in out super Calverton Connections bus what a way to go to our matches. 

We kicked off promptly at 1 and found our feet quickly Hobnob chipped one in at 14 mins gone then another at 16 thenanother at 20 what a cracking start! 

Georgia Nelson was the next to score making it 4-0 not long after Holly managed to get through the wall they had built around her and put it firmly in the back of the net.

Half time came and a couple of changes were made and off we were down to business the defence held their own and becca made a couple of superb saves we applied more pressure and Holly was able to get through and put another 4 goals in the back of their net.  

For the first game of the year it was an impressive start and another 3 points to us.

A couple of bad injuries were sustained in the match one being to Courtney having a fractured elbow and Lottie aggravating an old hand injury get well soon girls.

A pleasing performance. 




Monday 7 December


Two match reports to put on please:

Rainworth 1 v Calverton 3

We arrived at Rainworth ready to fight for another 3 points the pitch was heavy and had a slope on it but off we went.

We went a goal up early due to stevo, it was tough and decisions were against us too but we kept on battling and two more goals popped in.

Rainworth got a goal back the whistle was blown and back on the mini bus with another victory secured.

Calverton 4 v Clifton 1

The second round of the league cup after a long wait to see if we could play it was decided we could hooray gown to business.

Holly sped off and put the ball in the back of the net one up not long though before Clifton got one back. This was tough Stevo having four girls on her at all times so change of tactics and Holly played the wings drawing Clifton out. A super corner coming in from Courtney and a goal went in Stevo was nearest and claimed it.

Half time and a strong team talk reminding them about passing a couple of changes made and a better performance in the second half goals coming from Hobnob and Stevo finishing the job off.

Through to quarter finals of the cup

Well done girls!




County Cup Shield 22 November 2009
West Bridgford A    3     v  Calverton Miners Welfare Girls  5

We arrived at the ground in style again with the support of the Calverton Connection, many thanks to Darren and Allan for your continuing support we think you are amazing.
The game kicked off and wham within 10 seconds Holly had put the ball into the net, back to the centre circle West Bridgford were stunned, our midlfield were struggling first half due to injuries and players not being in their normal position and we also were without the captain. West Bridgford equalised and then shortly before half time they were ahead.
A strong talking too and reshuffling around and off the girls went out and a first goal for Courtney in our colours produced the equaliser.  We battled and battled uphill as the pitch was a slope with 10 mins to go West Bridgford had scored making it 3-2 the girls dug deep and pressurised and with 30 seconds to go Hobnob scored an amazing goal taking it into extra time.
A little bit of reshuffling and off we set off made a quick change bringing Georgia Nelson back on and a superb cross from Holly into the box and a superb finish from Georgia making it 4-3 we then kept the ball firmly in their half and took our time with not long left on the watch Holly snook one in at the end.
The battle was won a long and tiring game and worth it.  We are now in the semi-final of the County Cup for the first time since they have been playing
A determined performance from you all .
Well done to you all




Received 16 November 2009

Hi John

can u put both these match reports on for me

Calverton Miners Welfare 11 v Mansfield Town 2

We went into this match confidently and ready to play we wanted to protect our unbeaten record within minutes of the kick off we were one goal up , the defence were tight at the back as Mansfield were quick off the mark Hannah kept the defence in check with Ashleigh covering the wing and Bobby quick off the mark on the left with Robbo on the left too.

By half time we were 6-0 up we needed to keep on top as Mansfields form tells us they can come back from these scores, changes were made and off we went again bang bang bang
came the goals with a bucket full for holly and one for fleet and knowles,

Mansfield came back with a couple of goals of their own it was a match which we controlled and dictated it was a superb team performance

The score line may have been different if it wasnt for OUR MAN OF THE MATCH Rebecca our fantastic goalkeeper there were a couple of one on ones and out she came and saved some superb shots .

Well done girls


Calverton MIners Welfare 7 v Rainworth Tigers 2

This was a hard fought match between two teams both eager to put the ball in the netm there was some nail biting moments for us but eventually we found the net through Kirky her first this season not bad for a defender, eventually we started to find our recent form and another goal was popped in the back of the net, by half time we were 3-0 up, on the start of the second half Swanny was rallying her team on cos we were sleeping and bang Rainworth found the back of our net.

Another surge by Calverton produced another 4 goals and we were firmly in the driving seat
we conceded a penalty late on and Rainworth scored from it we applied pressure and finished the match confidently

Two super goals from Hobnob and four from Holly and the one from Kirky puts us firmly at the top of the league with 6 points clear at the moment

On behalf of Me and the rest of my team a fantastic performance we are very proud of you



18 October 2009


Well after a nervous few phone calls with girls ringing in sick off we went to our away match with again our super Calverton Connections bus with the best driver too Mr Alan Gilmour three cheers for Allan, you bringing us such good luck the driving force behind us again.

We arrived safely at Keyworth and greeted Reedy from the girls league too we went off to the top of the field and thought oh no we gotta run up hill one way.

The whistle was blown and away we went, positions had been changed and Knowles and Hobnob occupied the wings with Fleet, Nutty and the Captain Lottie in the middle, with the defence of Welchy, Sterland, Hannah and Bobby on the left wing. Holly (Stevo) popped a super goal into the back of the net and having to run up hill too. Keyworth scored in our goal not long after, the girls lifted their head and upped their game bang thankyou Stevo for the second goal. Whistle was blown for half time, it had worked with hard work and determination defence was strong and was faultess at times .

Lottie was puffing and panting she was doing a good job of trying to keep up with Stevo, whistle blown back out on the field Nutty had come off and Biff came on. Its a lot easier running down a hill than up it, not long into the second half and bang well Knowles where did that come from and soon after bang Biff your first goal in Colts colours. Then well an amazing goal from the half way line Hughesey wat a cracking goal, with Stevo bagging the last couple of goals we secured a super victory.

We would like to thank Allan and Darren on behalf of the girls and Calverton Miners Welfare for their kind service and their wonderful support for the girls.

As your Manager girls I would like to say I am extremely proud of each and every one of you a big well done from me and the team

Keep it up girls as we love proving our chairman with his predictions wrong.





11 October 2009

Ilkeston Town Ladies 3 v Calverton 6


We were all very excited to be taken to our match away at Ilkeston on a posh new Calverton Connection bus driven by Allen. Thank You.

The girls were all fired up after travelling together for a change. So ready for the whistle, but whizz and Ilkeston shot straight down the field and slipped one in the back of the net – not even a minute had passed!

This shocked the girls but soon woke up and off we went. Fleety with her first goal in a Calverton shirt after her very near miss last week got our first goal. WOW – almost missed it – it was that fast, well done. Now she had the taste for it and in went another! All the team were well up for it now and kept the game going in their half. All played very well. Then here comes Holly (steve-o) with 1 – 2 – 3 & 4 FANTASTIC!


Unfortunately we had a couple of injuries, but all ok now. Everyone got a piece of the action. Well done girls another excellent team effort.

Final whistle – we all had a celebratory drink before having a photo taken outside the bus before our comfy journey home!

A BIG THANK YOU to Allen and Darren from the team and parents.





27 September 2009 - Calverton v West Bridgford

The result was 9-0 to us Colts Girlies

We started the match full of excitement and anticipation this was our first league match and we so wanted to win. We kicked off prompt at 2 and it wasn't long before Holly had opened the scoring, the defence line were left with very little to do lead by Kev and Han they kept their formation and delivered some cracking balls to the midfield.

Not long after another goal popped in closely followed by another Holly and Georgia were having a field day.

The midfield lead by John and Swanny were feeding the balls up front. Half time came and we were 6-0 up. What a good start to our opening game.

We began second half as we left the first, Fleet unleashed her right foot and smash it rattled the cross bar and bounced out unlucky but a goal is coming your way, followed by Swanny hitting the post too, some super throws by Bob caused all sorts of problems.

Holly then upped her pace and hammered more into the back of the net a double hat trick plus one and with Myrtle bagging a couple of her own the afternoon was complete and a huge success for all.

A superb team effort and an excellent start to the season - come on girls let's keep it up I am proud of you all.




Thursday 17 September

We had four friendlies in 2 weeks the first against Bingham which was close a 3-2 win, the next was a loss against Netherfield girls and then we had a strong win against Sherwood that was an amazing game goals being scored from all Holly Jennings bagging the first, then a cracking left foot shot from Hobnob, a sneaky one from the skipper and also a penalty to add to her list then Myrtle (Georgia) finished it off

Bingham v CMW

A good solid performance at times and lots of team spirit a superb hat trick from Holly and then a new player Robbo blasted a beauty straight in defence was tight and were strong Bob not scared to use her head it gets better and better a quick note from the captain. Keep going girls its ace.



Calverton v Bingham 6 September 2009

A good start to the season and a full turn out. We scored very early on in the game, a superb strike from Holly Jennings. The defence was well controlled and midfield was well managed. Our new players did tremendously well.

There were some shaky moments where we conceded two goals. But a good 3-2 win not a bad result for our first game at 11-a-side.

A very sporting game. Well done girls keep it up



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