The Calverton M.W. Football School now goes into its second season, meeting on a Saturday morning for 5-7 year olds with the emphasis on fun and enjoyment and preparation for mini soccer. The session starts at 10.00am and finishes at 11.15am, cost £2.50 per child per session.

Many players from last season are now entering their second season, and at the end of last season the football school provided players of the right age for both Under 8’s and Under 7’s teams. Both of which are now playing mini soccer regularly on a Saturday morning.

Contact Football School mobile No. 07990 876332 for further information

Aim of our football school

  • Preparation in physical, technical, social and psychological aspects of “the beautiful game” and for entering into competitive mini soccer at under 8 or 9 age groups
  • To promote sportsmanship, respect and fair play for both players and parents
  • Promote Calverton M.W. as a Community Charter Standard Club with its commitment to sportsmanship and fair play
  • Talent spot new managers/ coaches within the parental group and to involve them in the progression of new teams
  • To treat all players equally so that they can unlock their own personal potential and feel enjoyment in football
  • Every session will finish with a game of football and ultimately a shake of hands to complete the session

Structured Programme of Coaching

  • SAQ (Speed Agility & Quickness): A system of progressive exercise and instruction aimed at control of body movement
  • Warm up/ warm down: Teaching and demonstrating the importance preparing the body for exercise
  • Football skills: Each weeks coaching will concentrate on a different aspect of the game which will involve; passing, dribbling, turning with the ball, shooting, heading, ball control, running with the ball, goalkeeping etc. To emphasise certain skills we will repeat some of the exercises in later weeks
  • Fitness: By using SAQ, warm up/down, football skills we will be promoting the fitness required for a good game of football
  • Homework: yes homework, we will encourage players to practice skills at home and then demonstrate them to show the importance of honing their own skills. Remember; “ It takes 10,000 hours to train an elite sportsman”
  • Refereeing: So that players and parents have an appreciation of the rules of football we will be asking local referees to deliver sessions on refereeing and dispelling the myths and confusion of the rules


  • Eddie Ward will be heading up the coaching team and is qualified at level 2 and is a licensed SAQ practitioner
  • Mark Corcoran will be assisting and has recently qualified at level 2 and has also qualified as an SAQ practitioner. Mark has been with the football club since the age of 9 and played at all levels including senior football
  • Bryan Clarke joins the team of coaches and has taken and passed his level 1 coaching certificate
  • Coaches will be either fully qualified to a level 1 Soccer Coach or completing their hours in order to qualify for a new level
  • We are aiming for a player / coach ratio of 6:1. This will in the early days be difficult as it will depend on the number of players wanting to join the football school


  • All players, parents and coaches will be governed by the rules of Calverton Miners Welfare Football Club which is enforced and agreed by the Club Committee and is within the Charter Standard status
  • Dress Code: Players will be required to wear football kit including football boots, suitable trainers, shin pads. Footwear will be cleaned for each session so as to emphasise the importance of treating expensive kit with respect
  • Punctuality: The importance of being on time for training sessions and therefore minimising disruption to other players


  • All players must be registered before commencement of the session in the club office


Health & Safety

  • The session will be held in an area of the club ground that can be accessed from the 1st team pitch area
  • Players will only be allowed to leave when their parents/ guardians have arrived at the pitch area and have made themselves known to the coaching staff
  • All players will be required to have their laces tied correctly and shin pads worn at all times
  • Players will be required to bring a drink with them for each session so that they do not become dehydrated


The football school now has its own dedicated mobile phone so that you can contact the coaches on 07990 876332

Eddie Ward, Head Coach tel.01623 757266 or 07973 122308



Mark Corcoran, Assistant Coach



Viv Corcoran, Centre Manager tel. 0115 9654390



Bill Bennett, Coaching Consultant tel. 07747 785348 or 0115 8477360