Photographs of Buses

Twice as many 34482s as usual

The photographs on this site are a selection of buses snapped by me in recent times. The photos on these pages are generally arranged around  a theme, such as buses in Carlisle or a group of photos taken in a short period such as trips to Doncaster, Leeds and Keighley. There is also supposed to be a "recent" section which doesn't get updated very often, so is not very recent! Clicking on the thumbnail gives a larger size image, usually about 800 x 600, although more recent snaps are about 900 x 650 and a few very old ones are 640 x 480. If you want to use any photo for any reason, please let me know and credit me. I am working on a long-term project to scan the best of my older photos, for display on this site or on Fotopic. A few should appear in the near future. Many of the photos previously on this site have migrated to my Fotopic site (finally up and running). A list of what is where will be added to the foot of this page when everything is sorted out. The photo above is a comparison between Stagecoach Dart 34482 and Dart 34482! The one on the left is in Carlisle, and was renumbered shortly after entering service to 34481: on the right is Bluebird 34482, slightly newer and still extant in Inverness. 

Enough waffle. Take a look at my snaps, and click on the thumbnail for a larger image.

Carlisle Now:  The scene in Carlisle from July 2005 onwards, following the delivery of 39 new Darts.

Carlisle After The Rain: The aftermath of the flooding in Carlisle on 8th January 2005 which wiped out the city's bus fleet. A long page, so please be patient.

The bus scene in Carlisle between February 2001 and January 2005. An historical document, sort of, as so much has changed in the intervening 9 months.

Cumbria: Some photos of buses in various parts of Cumbria in the 4 years I have lived here. Mostly Stagecoach, and mostly taken during my fell walking trips.

Doncaster: A long time after the event is this collection of photos taken in Doncaster one day in December 2002.

Keighley: Buses in Keighley (mostly Keighley & District) on 4th January 2003 and 17th January 2004  

Isle of Man 2005: Buses of Isle of Man Transport in September 2005  

Leeds:  One day in Leeds in January 2003, even if I failed to photograph an artic!

Warrington: All my pictures of Warrington buses, lumped together here, most having been taken in the last few days before I took my leave of Warrington for pastures new.

Feel free to download any picture, but if you use it for any purpose please let me know and credit me.

 The Excel and Acrobat lists of the photos on my sites are currently being updated.

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