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Following the crazy days of January and February photographing the emergency bus operations in Carlisle in the weeks following the 8th January floods, things have calmed down and the new Darts have arrived. A new page is online, unoriginally called Carlisle Now. This page highlights the new buses, those remaining for use on country routes, and other operators' vehicles seen this year. There is also a new page depicting Isle of Man Transport buses in September 2005. A section on Isle of Man electric railways is under construction. The long delayed Chesterfield and Mansfield and new Sheffield pages are still not ready. The Edinburgh and Widnes pages have been removed, pending uploading to Fotopic. The first Fotopic gallery is now available, being the Dublin Bus photos of 1999-2000 (when Bombardiers still existed and before low-floor double-deckers had arrived).

Most of the pictures are approx. 800 x 600 pixels, for no other reason than that was the maximum screen size I had when I created the pages. Although I have now upgraded my graphics adapter, I am going to keep them at this size, after much indecision, mainly for reasons of file size.  I am still a bit unsure as to whether I should make them a bit bigger. All the original images are 1152 x 864 pixels, and if anyone wanting to download an image would like the full size images please let me know. Many of the pictures which have been displaced from this site are scheduled to re-appear on Fotopic sites, when I find the time to do it. I am also working on the process of scanning the best of my traditional photos for inclusion in relevant parts of this site, or on Fotopic. A little preview is at the foot of this page.

Feel free to download any picture, but please let me know and credit me. The updated Acrobat file of all bus images on the site is not yet ready. I am also intending to provide a list of all photos which I feel are of sufficient quality to put on the web, but for reasons of space have had to be omitted. This may take rather longer.


What's New?

A lot of the photographs section is new! To reflect my relocation to Carlisle in 2001 there is a lot of material on Carlisle and Cumbria, and the newest addition is an Isle of Man page. Newer photo pages on Sheffield & Rotherham (still in preparation) & Doncaster reflect my family ties to that part of the world, and the Leeds and Keighley sections highlight the benefit of a DalesRailcard, allowing me to travel from Carlisle to anywhere on the Settle & Carlisle railway line for £3 in winter. To find the new pages go to the photographs page. I have also been trying to look at other people's sites and update the links page, a never-ending process. 

Mail me with your thoughts, comments, just to say hello, or confirm that I really am mad!

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Inter Valley Link 62
Nostalgia for the 1980s? Taken in Caerphilly bus station in the late 1980s (I think) during the period when Rhymney Valley called itself InterValleyLink before succumbing to National Welsh, is bus bodied Leopard 62.

More coming soon.

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