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RG 9-0004   St Mary, Paddington

(Sub district of  KENSINGTON  RD)

Description of Enumeration Districts.

Extracted from Census page images.

ED (16?)    Folios 4-36

[Damaged page, missing names may be as shown by ++{ }++ guesses.

Edgware Road (beginning at the corner of Harrow Road) White ++{Lion Place}++ White Lion Passage  Newcastle Place  Newcastle Mews  St Alban++{Place}++  St Albans Mews Church Street (both sides) Charlotte Place  Hall ++{Place}+++ (east side) commencing from Church Street.

ED 17       Folios 40-87   [Folio 74b is missing]

Hall Place (West side) -- Crompton Street, - Campbell Street, - Cuthbert S++{treet}++, Howell Street - & Heathpool Street -

/ Heathpool St continued Supplementary Book /

ED 18       Folios 91-123

Hall Place West, Braithwaite Place, Tarlington Place, Tarlington Street (Edgware Place), Devonshire Place, Prospect Place, Maida Hill East, Maida Hill West, Park Place Villas, Both Sides, Park Place Gardens, Park Lodge, Park Place, Park Cottage, Claremont Place & Park Place Terrace.

ED 19       Folios 127-159   [Folios 156-159 are missing]

Stanley Place, Stanley Mews, St Mary's Terrace, Porteus Road, Porteus Terrace, Dudley Place, Fulham Place, Howley Place, Howley Place Villas, Bridge Place, Bridge Terrace, Warwick Villas, Warwick Road, Tunstall House, 2 or 3 Houses Adjoining -
& Howley Villas.

RG 9-0004   St Mary, Paddington

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