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RG 9-0004   St Mary, Paddington

(Sub district of   KENSINGTON  RD)

There is no Street/House name index for this individual Piece at present.

The S&N CD Census images include a copy of the PRO Street Index for the whole of KENSINGTON RD, and this gives Folio references.

MISSING streets/houses listed in PRO Street Index for RG 9-0004

ED 19   [probably in missing Folios 152b, 153a & 156-159 incl)
Broadwater Villas, Warwick Road
Fulthorpe House, Warwick Road
Gloucester Villas, Warwick Road
Howley Villas & remainder of Warwick Road
Tunstall House, Warwick Road
Warwick Lodge
Warwick Villas part2-end

Also Folio 74b (possibly omitted from scan):
part of Heathpool Street in ED 17

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