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RG 10-0014   St Mary, Paddington

(Sub district of   KENSINGTON  RD)

Description of Enumeration Districts.

Extracted from Census page images.
ED 31      Folios 4-36

EcD    St Mary Magdalen (mainly)
       also St Saviour, and Holy Trinity

Blomfield Terrace
Westbourne Terrace Road
Blomfield Crescent - including the "Red Lion" and its adjuncts
Blomfield Street
Blomfield Place
Delamere Street
Upper Westbourne Terrace
Chichester Street
Chichester Place and Synagogue Buildings
Chichester Mews
Chichester Road

ED 32      Folios 40-64    

EcD:  St Mary Magdalen (mainly)
      and Holy Trinity 

Cottage Road
Burry Terrace
Westbourne Square
Ranleagh Road
Delamere Terrace
Delamere Crescent
Egremont House, Delamere Terrace
Ranleagh Mews
Delamere Mews

As to Ecclesiastical District vide Registrars Reply July 29, 1871.
See also marking on Plan of Division.

RG 10-0014   St Mary, Paddington
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