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LONDON   1891   CENSUS      (Metropolitan Middlesex)
RG 12-0078   St John, Westminster
(Sub district of  ST GEORGE, HANOVER SQUARE   RD)

Description of Enumeration Districts.

Extracted from Census page images.

ED 1         Folios 4-23

That part of Westminster Palace within Boundary (mark over Lord Chancellor's Entrance) including South Wing and Victoria Towers, South side Great College Street; Black Dog Alley, Millbank Street from College Street to Wood Street, North side Wood Street from ??? Street to Great Smith Street, Little College Street, Barton Street, Cowley Street; Young's Place, Tufton Street from Great College Street to Wood Street; East side Great Smith Street from Boundary, Little Smith Street, and barges in the river.

Ecclesiastical District St John   parts from.

ED 2           Folios 27-51

Millbank St from Wood Street to Romney Street; Wharves and barges on the River; Carter Paterson's & Freeman's Yards; South side of Wood Street from St John Street to Millbank St.; Horse & Groom Yard; North Street, North Court; East side of St John Street. North East and South sides of Smith Square; Scotts Rents; Isaac's Iron Yard; East side of Church Passage; Church Street with Cab Yard, North side of Romney Street from Church Passage to Millbank Street; Castle Buildings two blocks.

Ecclesiastical District of St John (Part of)

ED 3            Folios 55-90

South Side Wood Street from Marsham Street to St John's Street; East Side Marsham Street; Bennett's Yard and Place, Morgan's Cow? Yard, Scammerton's Forge; West Side Tufton Street from Wood Street to Horseferry Road; East Side Tufton Street from Wood Street to Little Tufton Street; William's Place; Tufton Place; Shepherd's Place, Lion & New Buildings, Cottage Place, Wood's Place, West Side St John's Street with Builder's Yard, West Side Smith Square from St John's Street to Little Tufton Street, North Side Little Tufton Street, Romney Street from Marsham Street to Tufton Street; A & B blocks, St John's Chambers; North Side Horseferry Road from Marsham Street to Tufton Street, with Board School.

Ecclesiastical District of St John's (Part of)

ED 4           Folios 94-124

South side Little Tufton St. Tripps Buildings East side Tufton St. from Little Tufton St to Horseferry Road North side, Romney St. from Tufton St to Church Passage. Lanes Cottages South side Romney St from Tufton St to Millbank St. North side Horseferry Road from Tufton St to Millbank St, South side Horseferry Road from Earl St to Grosvenor Road Grub St, York Buildings, Champions Alley, Carpenter St, east side Earl St, from Horseferry Road to Page St North side Page St from Earl St to Grosvenor Road, Westminster Brewery, Johnsons St from Horseferry Road to Page St, Westminster Brewery Stables, Grosvenor Road from Romney St to Page with Wharves, Barges and Fire

Engine Station on River West side Millbank St from Romney St to Horseferry Road.

Ecclesiastical District of St John (Part of)

ED 5               Folios 128-149

South side of Page St from Grosvenor Rd to Earl St; East side Earl St from Page St to Vincent St; Grosvenor St; Johnson St from Page St to Cul de Sac Hudson's Terrace; outh side of Vincent St from Earl St to Lyger? Co Vincent works;Millbank Prison (Caretakers etc); Purbeck Place; Grosvenor Rd from Page St to entrance to Millbank Prison & Barges on River Cottages in rear of Grosvenor Wharf.

Owing to the Customs House officials leaving schedules before me of course none was required.

Ecclesiastical District St John (Part of)

ED 6               Folios 153-170

South Side Horseferry Rd from Davies' Yard to Earl St; Davies' Yard; Army & Navy Stores Yard; Broadwoods Factory; South Side Page St from Gothic Cottage to Earl St; North Side Page St from Army & Navy Stores Yard to Earl St (both inclusive). London General Omnibus Company's Yard; Esher Street, Kensington Place, Brass & Co's Yard; North Side Vincent St. from Vincent Row to Earl St; West Side Earl St from Page St to Vincent St.

Ecclesiastical District of St John (Part of)

ED 7                (Folios 174-214, but Folio 215 is missing)

Grosvenor Road from Entrance to Millbank Prison to Vauxhall Bridge including Wharves, Barges on River and Prices Yard, North Side Bessborough Gardens, Ponsonby Place, Ponsonby Terrace; Roehampton Street; North side Vauxhall Bridge Road from Roehampton Street to Douglas Place; Wheeler Street; Harpers Place East Side Regency Street from Vauxhall Bridge Road to Canston Street; West side Regency Street from Vauxhall Bridge Road to Douglas Street, Guliston? Cottages; London General Omnibus Company Yard, Dorset Streetfrom Vauxhall Bridge Road to Regency Street, Richards Cottages; East side Douglas Place; South side Douglas Street from Regency Street to Douglas Place; South side Canston Street, Winchester Terrace.

Ecclesiastical District of Holy Trinity (part of)

The Route taken was not quite as set out above, had this been strictly observed, much time would have been lost.
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