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LONDON   1891   CENSUS      (Metropolitan Middlesex)
RG 12-0098   Christchurch
(Sub district of  MARYLEBONE   RD)

Description of Enumeration Districts.

Extracted from Census page images.

ED 1.       Folios 5-91       Ecclesiastical District   St Barnabas

St Marylebone (part of).

Ward No 3 (Church St part of) St Barnabas Ecclesiastical Dist.

North. Bell St(south side) from Edgware Rd to Lisson Street
East. Lisson St (west side) from Bell St to Marylebone Rd
South. Marylebone Rd (north side) from Lisson St to Edgware Rd
West. Edgware Rd (east side) from Marylebone Rd to Bell St.

Bell St No. 34 to 60
Lisson St No. 29 to 67
Chapel St No. 11 to 35
Burne St the whole
Sun Cottages the whole
Redland Mews the whole
Providence Place the whole
Marylebone Rd No ... to 332
Edgware Rd No 204 to 308
Registered Lodging House No 54 and 54a Bell St

Registered Lodging House No 45 Lisson St

ED 2         Folios 45-75         Ecclesiastical District   Saint Barnabas


North Earl Street (south side) from Edgware Rd to Carlisle St
East. Carlisle St (west side) from Earl Street to Bell Street
South. Bell Street (north side) from Carlisle St to Edgware Road
West. Edgware Road (east side) from Bell Street to Earl Street

Earl Street Nos 103(?) to 95
Carlisle Street 37(?) to 103 odd nos
Bell Street 18 to 32
Edgware Road 310 to 352 even nos
Little Earl Street the whole
Miles Buildings
Bowman Dwellings
24 Bell Street Buildings

Enumn Dist as described is correct. See Reply to Enquiry at begin of Enr Dist 7

ED 3           Folios 79-128            Ecclesiastical District   St Barnabas

on the North by Earl St (south side) from Carlisle St to Salisbury St,
on the East by Salisbury St, Charles St (west side) from Earl St to Gt James St
on the South by Gt James St & Bell St (north side) from Charles St to Carlisle St,
on the West by Carlisle St (East side) from Bell St to Earl St.

Earl St (odd) Nos 93 to 55
Salisbury St odd nos 1 & 3 (?)
Charles St Nos 23 to 38,
Gt James St Nos 29 to 33
Bell St Nos 1 to 17
Devonshire St Nos 27 to 65
Carlisle St even Nos 1 & 2 to 32
Suffolk Place the whole
Manning Place the whole
Lisson St Residences the whole
Christchurch Buildings the whole.

Enumeration District correct See Reply to Enquiry on 1st page of Enr Dist 7.

ED 4           Folios 132-157        Ecclesiastical District   St Matthew

on the North by Church St (South side) from Edgware Rd to Salisbury St,
on the East Salisbury St (West side)from Church St to Earl St,
on the South Earl St (North side) from Salisbury St to Edgware Road 
on the West by Edgware Rd (east side) from Earl St to Church St.

Church St Nos 127 to 55 (odd)
Salisbury St Nos 5 to 33 odd,
Earl St Nos 46 to 124 even
Edgware Road Nos 354 to 386 even
Malthouse Mews
Carlisle Mews
Little Church St (part of)
Little Carlisle St,
Carlisle St Nos 57 to 39 (odd) 52 to 34

Enumn Dist correct. See Reply to Enquiry at beginning of Enr Dist 7.

RG 12-0098   Christchurch
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