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RG 9-0787     SOUTH  MIMS

(Sub-District of BARNET RD)

Description of Enumeration Districts.

Extracted from Census page images published by Archive CD Books in their Middlesex 1861 Census CD set.

ED 1            Folios 4-12
This amended transcription is extracted from Version 2 of the ACDB Census CD set, which is much more legible than Version 1

The whole of the Parish of Elstree
 Including the Church side of the High Street  Boreham Wood   the allotments   Furze Hill  Woodcock Hill   and   Deacons Hilll  and   Boreham Park   Bull Beggars and Thrift Farms.
ED 2            Folios 16-33

Part of the Parish of Shenley
Including so much thereof as lies on the further side of a line drawn at right angles across the main road up Shenley Hill, at the corner of  Harris's Lane; and comprising the upper part of Shenley Hill, Porters, Broad Colney, that  part of London Colney which lies on the London side of the River Colne, Ridge Hill Lane, and Harris's Lane as far as the Rookery, and Rabley and Ridge Lane on the near side of the said Lane.

NB  The following parts of this Enumerators District are situate in the Ecclesiastical District of St Peters, Colney:
viz     Harper Lane, Broad Colney, Bell Lane, London Colney.

ED 3            Folios 37-49

All that remaining part of the Parish of Shenley which lies on the near side of the above line*  including part of Harris's Lane, from the Rookery to the Brick Church   the lower Road or part of Shenley Hill, Cross Oak, High Canons, Bucketts Land, Mill End Green, Rowley Green and part of Green Street and all Houses in such Boundary.

*   Meaning the line of separation between the two Enumeration Districts of this Parish, described at the commencement of the Enumeration Book No 2.
ED 4            Folios 53-61

The whole of the Parish of Ridge  including Arkley Lane   Saffron Green   Galley Lane   part of Green Street    Ridge Village   Deeves Hall Lane   Ridge Hill    Jettenhanger   Colney Heath  and the small insulated portion of the Parish situate in the adjoining Parish of Shenley.
ED 5            Folios 65-82

Part of the Parish of South Mims  including that part of Baker Street comprised between Mr George Harvey's House and the Potters Bar Railway Station, Sows Lane, Potters Bar, Mutton Lane, the Southgate Road, the Barracks, Mossman's side of Gannic Corner, The Chase Farm, and the Waggon Road.
ED 6            Folios 86-106

Part of the Parish of South Mims  including South Mims Village, the Lodge at North Mims Park, Clare Hall Lane, Dyrham Lane, Dyrham Park, part of Galley Lane, Knightsland Farm, Dancers Hill, Green Dragon Lane, Bentley Heath, Wrotham Park, Duke of York's side of Gannic Corner, Dugdale Hill, Bridge Foot, Mims Wash, Mim Hall and Warren Gate.
ED 7            Folios 110-330

Part of the Parish of South Mims
 Which includes Kitts End   part of the Hatfield Road, the Houses near the Obelisk, Taylors Lane, the West side of Hadley Green, the Mims side of Barnet Town, Union Street, and the New Road.

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