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RG 9-0789     FINCHLEY    1861 Census

(Sub-District of BARNET RD)

Description of Enumeration Districts.

Extracted from Census page images.

ED 1         (Folios 4-28)

The Whole of the Ecclesiastical District of St Mary's Finchley, including Church End, Ballards Lane, Hendon Lane, Sheep House Farm, Grass Farm, Dollis, Finchley Hill, Nether Street, Moss Hall Park, Cottagers Chapel, Woodhouse & 2 Cottages at the end of Wood House Lane (new? Colney Hatch)

The West side of Gt North Road from Ballards Lane to Lane leading to the Almshouses Short Lane.

The North End of Long Lane as far as Green Lane, Fallow Corner and Fallow Farm, the East End Road as far as the St Marylebone Cemetery including Manor House and Manor Farm and Cottages And the Finchley Road from the Boundary of Finchley Road to the South End of Ballards Lane.

ED 2.            (Folios 32-49)

Part of the Ecclesiastical District of the Holy Trinity, from and including St Mary-le-bone Cemetery, East End Road to the end of Bull's Lane, including the whole of Bull's Lane, South end of Long Lane to and including Green Lane, King's Corner, Red Lion Hill, Cuckold's Haven, the Almshouses, the Great North Road from and including Post Office and Grave's Cottage to Lane from North side of Almshouses, then along East side of said Road to and including  Strawberry Vale, then to Dunger Place Colney Hatch, Cottages on Smith's Farm, and the Cemeteries of Islington & St Pancras.

ED 3.    Finchley Parish (part of)     (Folios 53-74)

All that part of the Ecclesiastical District of the Holy Trinity from and including the Cottages at Bush Causeway and the Estate known by the name of Knightons opposite the South West end of Bull's Lane, all the Houses and Cottages in Post End, Prospect Place, Markey Place, Hog Market, Chapel Street, Park Place, all the Houses on the Road to Fortis Green to the Boundary of Finchley Parish, the Great North Road from and including Bellvue House to the Boundary of Finchley Parish in Cherry Tree Hill including Brompton Grove, also all Houses and Cottages within the Boundry of Finchley Parish near Hampstead, including the Spaniards Tavern, Cottages on the Estate of Lord Mansfield, and the Cottage in the Hampstead fields.

ED 4     Finchley Parish (part of)      (Folios 79-98)

Part of the Ecclesiastical District of St John's from and including Court House Farm, the road leading from same to North end of Ballard's Lane, and all Houses and Cottages in that part of the Parish which lies North of the said Road as far as and including Capel Lodge and including Lodge Lane, Finchley Lodge, Torrington Park and Friern Park as far as the Boundary of Finchley Parish, all Houses on the Great North Road within the above described distance, Friern Watch, Woodside, Church Path, Cold Harbor and Lauriston Place.

                    Friern Barnet Parish (part of)

That portion of Torrington Park, Friern Park and Finsbury Road including the whole of the Houses therein in Friern Barnet Parish.

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