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RG 9-0791     HORNSEY

(Sub-District of  EDMONTON RD)

Description of Enumeration Districts.

Extracted from Census page images published by Archive CD Books in their Middlesex 1861 Census CD set.

ED 1            Folios  5-38          1550 persons

To Commence at the Clarendon Road and Harringay Grove   Prospect Place   leading through the Village  Nightingale Place  to Mr Blocks on Muswell Hill  including the left hand side of St James Lane   to Mr  ~~~~~  and Both sides of Maynard Street to the Sheep Cot and thence all the Houses in the Middle Lane to Mr Woods.
ED 2            Folios  42-61          877 persons

To Commence at Willow Cottage in St James Lane  Muswell Hill to Mr Bathe  all St Saint James Lane  and thence to Muswell Hill Road to the last of the Poor Cottages  from thence to Fortis Green  and Colney Hatch Lane  the left hand side to Tatterdown Place [to Mr Blocks on Muswell Hill]  ending at Mr Birds   Hillsborough Lodge  next to Mr Blocks.

Note:  The words  "to Mr Blocks on Muswell Hill"    were struck through.
ED 3            Folios  65-87          1110 persons

To Commence at the Great Northern Railway Station in Tottenham Lane  to Harringay House   Lodge   and Stables   And continue right and left including Church Path   and thence to Mr Elders  and Mr Hatch's School   through Crouch End  to Mr Grants Lodge on Crouch End Hill   thence to Harringay Park  to the top of  Crouch Hill.
ED 4            Folios   91-111       1054 persons

To Commence at Stroud Green  at Mr Hazells  and Mr Turners  and Mr Prowse  to 2 Cottages on the Rood Side  and then to Jacksons Farm  and then to Hornsey Wood House   and Cottages in Hornsey Wood Lane  and Sluice House and Cottages on the new River   and from thence to the Houses in the Green Lanes,  from thence to the Courts   the side of  the White Hart,  including Victoria Grove  Middleton Place  Pallantine Houses  to the Boundary Stone  Near the  Hare & Hounds Public House.

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