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RG 9-801    WALTHAM ABBEY   1861 Census

(Sub district of  EDMONTON  RD)

Enumeration Districts.

Extracted from Census page images

ED 1                 Folios  4-33              1456 persons

Description & Boundaries of Enumeration District No 1, Waltham Abbey Township

Part of the Township of Waltham Abbey including Coldhall Cottages, the Lime Wharf
Canwards Cottages, & Houses By the River Lea; Highbridge Street...North Side & South Side
Powder Mill Lane; A Cottage in Edmondsey; the Houses in the Marsh; the Market Place; Church Street; Bakers Entry to Paradise Row Chapel, the Green Yard, the Malting Yard, the Backway, Camps Alley, Allsups Yard, Barge Yard, Factory Road, the Romeland,
Abbey Farm Abbey Row.. the Houses in the Church Yard..the Harp Public House
Corner of Church Yard, & A House in Town Mead Lower Island Belonging  to the Royal Powder Mills.

ED 2
                  Folios  37-66           1469 persons

All that remaining  part of the Township of Waltham Abbey   from and including the Cottage
in White Horse Yard, along both sides of Sun Street: Farm Hill to Green Man Lane;
Sewardstone Road to Cobbin-brook Bridge; Quinton hill Farm; Sewardstone Street to
the Corner of Sun Street, Quaker Lane including Tyler's Yard; Woollard Street; Fountain Place;
Black Boy Alley; Silver Street; and Paradise Row to the Barn opposite the Paradise Row Chapel.

Small shipping      Folios  67-69          5 persons
3 Barges:    "Ann",    "Hour Glass", &    "Ware"

ED 3
                     Folios  73-81          406 persons

The whole of the Hamlet of Holyfield including Crookmile Monkhams Fishers Green
Hays Hill Highfield Hall the road from Crookmile to New Farm Harolds Park
Bowtles Farm   Keens Gate   Clavering Bury  Dyson Farm Galley Hill and Dallance Farm.

ED 4
                     Folios  85-101         776 persons

Part of the Hamlet of Upshire, bounded on the North by the Hamlet of Holyfield, from and including the Green Man Inn, to Broomstick Hall, Paternoster Hill, Pick Hill Farm, to Princes Field Farm, by Warlies Park Farm through Warlies Park, Stubbons Hall Road to Cobbin End Farm 4 Miles, from Cobbin End to Long Street 1 Mile, from Long Street over part of Copped Hall Green West Side, through Copped Hall Park to the Lodges, on the Epping Road 2 Miles from the Epping Road Lodges, by the Old Crown Green, to the Horse Shoes Beer House, on the West Side of Copped hall green 2 Miles to Sergeant Green, Wood Green, and Honey Lane Green to Style's, Beer House. Forest Side 2 Miles, and to the Wake Arms Inn, on the Epping Road, to the Last House 150 on the same road including Forest Side & Woodridden Farm 2 Miles To Mr Luck's Cottage Beech Hills House, and Honey Lane to the Green Man Bridges 2 Miles

ED 5
               Folios  105-115         532 persons            EcD:  St Pauls

Part of Sewardstone Hamlet and part of Upshire Hamlet.

Part of the Hamlet of Sewardstone from the South boundary of the Township of Waltham Abbey including the House in Sewardstone Road near to the hand Post at Avey Lane, Pettensary Farm and Cottages Houses on the Road from the Pound to Leppitts Hill - the Barns, Houses (Golden Row) both side of Leppitts Hill Springfield House the Almhouse   the Cottages at Forest Side   Fair Mead Lodge   both sides of Road from Fair Mead to High Beech as far as Sothebys Manor House, Mott Street and the Cottages on the South side of Avey Lane -

Part of the Hamlet of Upshire including Smiths Farm (Ansley House)in Avey lane
and all Houses on the North side of High Beech Hill from Avey Lane to Black Fern  Pynest Green, Beech Hill park Lodge, Hyde farm, Two Houses at Forest Side and Dalys Lodge

ED 6
                Folios  119-128          396 persons

Sewardstone Hamlet (part of)

The remaining part of Sewardstone Hamlet including both sides of the High Road from
the Bridge, near the Pound, to Sewardstone Lodge. Sewardstone Mills and Cottages.
Both sides the High Road to Yardley House. Cottages near Hawks Mouth. the Woodman's Arms Beer House, West side of Sewardstone Bury Green, Gilwell Park,  Gilwell House, and both sides of Gilwell Lane.

In St Pauls Eccl District:
Houses on the East side of Sewardstone Bury Green, and Sewardstone Green, Carroll's Farm & Cashfield House.

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