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Tuesday, July 12, 2005        

As these alphabetical lists were produced from the As Enumerated  pages,
they may have some errors or omissions due to the reprocessing..


HO 107-1045              Alphabetical Surnames lists

Surname references on this page are Copyright by Frank W,  and were extracted from images on CD .
       [ The format is:      SURNAME,    Folio / Enumerator Page number ;  ]

  ( A Folio consists of the even-numbered page and the following odd-numbered page )
       Folio numbers are stamped only on the even-numbered Enumerator pages.

These indexes may be used freely to aid private research or study. The use of these indexes for any commercial enterprise is prohibited

Barebones surname list(s)  ***

Alphabetically ordered

Extracted from Census page images on CD.

 These Census refs do not follow the official  numbering scheme, as all Folio and Page numbers were present and easily legible on the CD source images,   but for a quick conversion  the even numbered Enumerator page is the  'r'  page and the following odd numbered  Enumerator page is the  'v'  page.,

Folio and page numbers are repeated in the different Enumerators' Books in this Piece,
so be sure to specify the BOOK No  when quoting a Folio/Page reference for lookups etc

Also please be aware that ED numbers may be duplicated, as this Piece extends into several
different Registrars Districts, which have their own numbering range for  EDs

e.g    ED 7   appears in BOOKS 4, 5, & 11  [all completely different areas]
and there are duplications of other ED numbers also
.  See  "As Enumerated" page

***  As this is a very large Piece, the surnames are listed separately for each of the 11  Enumerators BOOKs
Yellow backgrounds indicate lists that have not yet been rechecked for processing errors. See  "As Enumerated" page  if in doubt

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BOOK 1     HO 107-1045-01 BOOK 5     HO107-1045-05 BOOK 9     HO 107-1045-09  
BOOK 2     HO 107-1045-02 BOOK 6     HO 107-1045-06 BOOK 10    HO 107-1045-10
BOOK 3     HO 107-1045-03 BOOK 7     HO 107-1045-07 BOOK 11    HO 107-1045-11
BOOK 4     HO 107-1045-04 BOOK 8     HO 107-1045-08

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