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RG12-1057   Finchley   1891  Census

(Sub District 3C  of Barnet RD)

Description of Enumeration Districts 11, 12, 13, 14, 15.

Extracted from Census page images.

ED 11    Finchley    Civil Parish: Finchley     (Folios 5-29)

     EcD: Christchurch

Being bounded by Ballard's Lane, Lovers Walk, Nether Street and Moss Hall Lane.

Comprising Ballard's Lane on the North side from Lovers Walk and on the South side from Etchingham Park to the Great North Road, Grunerson Road, Brownlow and Newcomen Roads, Moss Hall, Thyra and Alexandra Groves, Nether Street from Brent Lodge to Moss Hall Lane.  Moss Hall Lane, Hutton Grove, Birkbeck Road, Dale Grove and old Ballard's Lane.

All in the Parliamentary Division of Hornsey.

ED 12    Whetstone    Civil Parish: Finchley     Folios 33-55)

      EcD: St Johns

St Johns Whetstone

Being bounded on the East by Friern Barnet Parish, on the West by Dollis Brook, on the North by East Barnet Parish, on the South by the other Division? of the District.

Comprising the Gt Nrth Rd from & including Rose Cottage nr Cricklers Hill, to Totteridge Lane on the West side, and a Cott occupied by Lines is on the opposite side, Totteridge Lane, to Brook & the Station Yard, Soloman's? Place Mackays near Cottages South side of Oakley Rd to Col Puget's School, both sides of Alan's Rd from Tott Lane to Swan Lane, Friern Lane to & including Cotts adjoining Infant School, Swan Place, Swan Lane, Holly Terr, North? Place, Church Path? to Woodside Lane, from the Grange to main road, Sherwood? St, Rasper? Road and Green Cottages

The whole in the Parliamentary Division of Hornsey.

ED 13    Civil Parish: Finchley        (Folios 59-79)

               EcD: St Johns

Boundry being bound on the North by the other \divisions of the district, on the South by Christ Church, West by Dollis Brook, East by Friern Barnet.

Comprised in the Gt. North Road from Swan Lane to Half Mile stone (both sides), Church Path from Woodside Lane to Mortimer Road, Brittania Road, Finchley Park to 1? Somerset.. Villas, Frederick Place The Lodge .. Friern Watch, the Former? Vicarage, Avenue Road, Holden Road from the North end to & including Gosforth Lodge, Woodside grange Road, (excepting 1 & 2 Oaklands), Woodside Avenue to Woodside Park Road, the Parade & North side of Torrington Park to & including Blockley House.

ED 14      Civil Parish: Friern Barnet        (Folios 83-107)

                    EcD: All Saints

Boundary. Being by Finchley Parish and Friern Lane on the West side, East Barnet on the North side, and the Great Northern Railway on the East.

Comprising the East side of Great North Road to Oakleigh Park (excepting Lines' Cottage), Oakleigh Park Road North side to Colonel Puget's School, and both sides to railway bridge by Great Northern Cemetery. Oakleigh Park to Railway, Atheneum Road, the cottages in Mr Sweet's Nursery, Bawtry Road, Doncaster Terrace, Eastern Cottages, Ada Villas, and Lilly Villas.

The whole in Parliamentary Division of Enfield.

ED 15    Civil Parish: Friern Barnet     (Folios 111-132)

                 EcD: St James

Friern Barnet Urban St James (part of).

Boundary. Being bounded on the West by Finchley Parish and part of Hornsey. The other sides being part of the same Ecclesiastical Parish comprising Friern Lane from and including Friern Lodge to the White House and the cottages on that estate, Finchley Park to Parish Boundary and also Friern Park, Colney Hatch Lane to boundary wall of Asylum, Friern Barnet Road to Glenthorne Road, the whole of Glenthorne Road, Stamford Road, MacDonald Road, Ramsden Road.

The whole in the Parliamentary Division of Enfield.

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