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RG 9-1197       Ludham 

Description of Enumeration Districts    1-10

Extracted from Census page images published on CD by  Archive CD Books
ED 1           Folios 4 - 13         439 persons         PDF page  5 of 233

whole of the Parish of Potter Heigham  bounded on the West by the Turnpike from Yarmouth to North Walsham, on the East by Rambold's Marsh Mill, & Heigham Holmes, on the South by Boyce's Mill and Heigham Tolgate, on the North by Mr Wm Slipper's Farm on the Road to Hickling.

ED 2           Folios 17 - 21        206 persons           PDF page  32 of 233

The whole of the Parish of Horsey  including the Warren to the sea banks on the East, (including Little Waxham), bounded by Waxham on the North including Johnson's Corner - on the South by Wilkins Farm and on the West by the Marshes including the Building about 40 Families.

ED 3            Folios 25 - 31        322 persons           PDF page  47 of 233

All that part of the Parish of  Hickling  commencing from but excluding Mr Bilham's Shop, northward of Mr Bilham's comprising the Green to the North and that part of Hickling called the Town, Winmore Hall, the Priory, and Turner's House near the boundary of Halling(?), and Eastfield to the East.

ED 4           Folios 32 - 44       445 persons          PDF page  67 of 233

All that part of the Parish of Hickling
commencing at and including Mr Bilham's House, together with all the South front of the Green from Revd Ready's, Hickling Stubb(?), the Hill Common, and the Heath to Guttermore.

ED 5             Folios 48 - 56      413 persons        PDF page 93 of 233

All that part of the Parish of Catfield  including the south side of the Street and extending eastward to the late Mr Wm Crows Heath Farm and westwardly to Mr C Cubitts and Cottages adjoining them down Plumsgate road to Wood Street and a portion of the Parish of Hickling called Longmore & Fenn side the Hall Farm and Rectory House then extending southwardly to the late Mr Samuel Crow's farm & Sharp Street to Thomas Sizers Cottage

ED 6             Folios 60 - 65      247 persons        PDF page  117 of 233

All that part of the Parish of Catfield  including the East side of the Street from Mr Barbers Junrs (?) Gate on the South to a house in Sherwood Lane on the North (situated in the Parish of Hickling) including both sides of the New Road & the houses on the Common then extending southwardly down the Hickling & Yarmouth road to the cottages on the western side of that road including Mr W Slippers residence (but not his off farm) to Norgates and cottages in the Market Road.

ED 7             Folios 69 - 78       421 persons        PDF page  135 of 233

All that  part of the Parish of Ludham  on the Eastern side of the Street extending Northward to Watton Hall and Southward to Cold Harbour extending South East to the houses by the Broad and to John Rice's in the Marshes, and Eastwardly to Fritton from Mr Wm Green's to Mr Thos Slipper's.

ED 8             Folios 82 - 91         463 persons        PDF page  161 of 233

All that  part of the Parish of Ludham  on the Western side of the Street commencing with from Mrs Fairheads and extending southto double Cottage Occupied by Cook and Bessey then to Ludham Hall and Johnsons St from Ludham Bridge to Mr Jas Garretts bounded on the west by the Tistead(?) river from Applegates at the Red House to Mr Ruttocks, in the North by Howe Hill and Cromer farm extending to Purdy's returning to Mr Aaron Neves including the farm late Mr W Pagers' (?) then down Manships road - the western side of Street includes the houses from the Kings Arms Corner to Mr J Chaplins.

ED 9             Folios 95 - 104       441 persons        PDF page  187 of 233

whole of the Parish of Corning  bounded in the East and South East by Ludham Bridge and the Thurn(?) river including Hollies Marsh Mill, St Benedicts and the Hall, the Cottages at the Hall Gate, and the Upper Street extending southward by the Vicarage, and the Ferry, bounded on the North and West by the Lower Street and burnt fens(?)

ED 10           Folios 108 - 113      285 persons        PDF page  213 of 233

The whole of the Parish of Hoveton Saint John; bounded on the East by Hewitt House and Horning, on the South by Chamberlins and the Lower Street, on the West by Wroxham Bridge, on the North West, by Mr Seales (late Badger Mill) and Belaugh, and on the North by Palmers and Hoveton Saint Peter.

RG 9-1197       Ludham 
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