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RG10-1326    Edgware    1871 Census

(Sub district of  HENDON RD)

Description of Enumeration Districts.

Extracted from Census page images.

ED 1       ( Folios 5 - 18 )        655 persons

From Edgware Bridge to the boundary of the Parish at Elstree, including Church Lane, the Railway Station, Broadfields, and Edgware Bury, Pipers Green, Newlands, The Fortune, Deacons Hill, Woodcock Hill, and Boys Hill

ED 2       ( Folios 22 - 39 )         818 persons

The whole of the parish of Little Stanmore.

ED 3D      ( Folios 43 - 55 )         577 persons

From Belmont Terrace, The Gas Works, Old Church Farm, Parsonage, Manor House, to the boundary of Harrow Parish from the Parsonage to the junction of the Parish Road with the Turnpike Road at the Queens Arms & Dennis Lane.

ED 4C      ( Folios 59 - 75 )         778 persons

From the boundry of the parish of Dennis Lane, up the hill right and left to the boundry of Harrow Parish at County End, including the Little Common, the Warren House, the Grove and Rifle Hut.

ED 5B      ( Folios 79 - 91 )         622 persons

The whole of the Parish of Kingsbury from Burnt Oak along the Turnpike Road to Hyde Lane, including the Hyde, Townsend Lane, Kingsbury Green, the Friant Farm, Blackpot Hill, Chalk Hill, Hill Farm, Little Bush, Great Bush, Clarks Farm, Roe Green, The Grove & Mount Pleasant.

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