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Because of the size of this Piece (20821 person entries) it was indexed as 16 separate EDs.

HO 107-1474    Chelsea North East    1851 Census

(Sub district of  CHELSEA  RD)

Alphabetically-ordered Surname lists  ***

Extracted from Census page images.

NOTE:   This Piece has already been surname-indexed by  West Middlesex FHS and published on microfiche.
              For current information, see the Publications page of their website.    

ALL   1474 ED surnames  pages have now been converted
to the  'OFFICIAL'  Folio numbering scheme.

                  See   UK1851Folios   page.

***  As this is a very large Piece, the surnames are listed separately for each of the 16 Enumeration Districts.   
        They were to be combined into a single list for the whole Piece, but the FreeFind Site search facility makes this unnecessary,  so they will be left as  separate lists.

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space ED 1 surnames ED 5 surnames ED  9 surnames ED 13 surnames
ED 2 surnames ED 6 surnames ED 10 surnames ED 14 surnames
ED 3 surnames ED  7 surnames ED 11 surnames ED 15 surnames
ED 4 surnames ED  8 surnames ED 12 surnames ED 16 surnames


Folio Numbers should appear on the Even-numbered Enumerator pages (the  
'r'  pages), in the Top-Right corner, but many are missing or illegible.
Enumerator page number should appear at Top-Centre of the page, but may also be missing or illegible.

You may need to find a recognisable Folio number, and navigate forward or back from that.

             The 'Official / Approved / Conventional' Folio Numbering and coding system

The Folio is deemed to start on the page bearing the stamped Folio Number, (not to be confused with the Enumerator Page number).
[Folio numbers are unique within a Piece, but Enumerator Page numbers are repeated several times within the same Piece]

The first (Front)  page of the Folio is the 'Recto'  page, coded usually  by the letter  r
 (but this may sometimes be omitted, leaving only the Folio number)
The second (Back) page of the Folio is the  'Verso'  page, coded usually by the letter  v 

Some indexers have used  'a'  instead of   'r' ,  and  'b'  instead of  'v'. , and this can be seen in some 1851 indexes on microfiche or in  printed form.

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