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RG 9-2435       Ilkeston     1861 Census

(Sub district of  BASFORD  RD)

Description of Enumeration Districts.    

Note:   HEANOR  &  SHIPLEY  are both in the county of  DERBYSHIRE
HEANOR is split up between RG9-2431, 2432, and this Piece RG9-2435

ED 1                 Folios 4-19                   786  persons

Part of the Parish (or Township) of Heanor, bounded
on the North by Mr Ray's(?) Land and the streamlet running from thence to the Tan Yard and by the Public road from Heanor to Langley and Lacey Fields
on the East by the river Erewash, and
on the South and West by the Parish of Shipley comprising White's Farm and adjacent cottages, Mundys Row, Marlpool, Abbotts Mill, Marlpool Lane, and the Houses on both sides and both sides of the Public Road from Langley to Lacey Fields so far as the Primitive Methodist Chapel and Lacey Fields.

ED 2              Folios 23-38                 774  persons

Part of the Parish of Heanor   on the North of Bagley Brook and East of Aride? Lane, so far as the river Erewash and bounded on the South and South East by the tan yard, by Mr Bartons Land and by the Public road from Langley to Lacey Fields, including both sides of Lee Lane, the Rookery, Gate House, Mill Hay, Langley Mill, Aldercar Lane, Dunstead Lane, Jessops Row, and Godkin House.

ED 3                   Folios 42-60                        773  persons

Part of the Parish of Heanor,   extending from Wesleyan Chapel inclusive & the Foot Road from Heanor to Heanor Common on the West, to the Primitive Methodist Chapel Langley, to Mr Bartons land inclusive and Arid Lane on the East,bounded on the South by Mr Rays land inclusive, by the streamlet from thence to the Tan yard & by the land belonging to the Execrs of the late Mr Butler, and on the North by Bailey Brook & Heanor Fall, comprising Heanor proper, Heanor Hall, Mr Rays Cottages, all Langley as far as the Primitive Methodist Chapel, the Tan Yard and the Houses in Arid Lane.

ED 4                         Folios 64-82                  899  persons

Part of the Parish of Heanor,   between the footroad from Heanor to Nook End, and Calladine House, having the Parish of Smalley on the West, the Parish of Shipley on the South, and South West, and Heanor Hall Land, on the East containing Herbert Abbots House, Alma Row, Tag Hill, Nook End, Mr Argyle's House, Heanor Gate, Heanor Common, The Dumbles, City, Haywood's Lane, and Hard Meadow.

ED 5                        Folios 86-103                852  persons

All that   part of the Parish of Heanor   bounded on the South and West by the foot road from Heanor to Nook End and Calladine House, on the North by the township of Loscoe, and Bailey Brook as far as the Bridle road from Heanor to Codnor Park, and on the East by the said Bridle Road, by Mr Whysall's Land, and by the Wesleyan Chapel, comprising Mount Street, part of Taghill, Beardow's Yard, Calladine House, the Fishponds, Wood End, Heanor Fall,Peacock Town, Loscoe Road, Red Lion square, and Boggard Town.


Calladine House was included in John Holmes's district, when I got there I found he had been and left a schedule.
Peacock Town is now better known by the name of "Heanor Fall" & I have entered so in this Book.
The name of "Boggart Town"has recently been changed into "Back Lane" and I have entered it by its new name.
That part of Taghill in my district is called "Derby Road" and I have entered it here by that name.

GEORGE BURTON ........(the Enumerator)

ED 6                      Folio 107-120               688  persons

The whole of the Parish of Shipley,   including Shipley Hall, Prospect House,Middle farm, Hazzock Lane, the Colliery,& Wharf, Shipley Wood, Shipley Common, the Dumbles, Gate House, & Robert Noons, forming part of the Ecclesiastical District of Shipley and Colmanhay.
Besides Shipley Wharf the district includes a portion of the Nottingham Canal, near the Boat Inn.

Vessels at Shipley Wharf                              11  persons

Folio Vessel Description Tonnage Trade Belonging to (Port or Place)
121 Alexander   Narrow Boat 30 tons Coal Mount Sorrel, Leics
122 Nelson   Wide Boat 45 tons Coal Leicester
124 Sally   Narrow Boat 27 tons Coal Shipley, Derbyshire
125 Sabina   Narrow Boat 28 tons Coal Leicester
123 Jupiter   No information available  (except crew member data)

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