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This Project exists to make available on-line and free of charge, full transcriptions of UK Census Pieces.

Originally the Project concentrated on the 1891 Census year, and source material was provided by the LDS in microfiche form.

The Project has been extended to cover additional Census years, and some Pieces can now be provided on CD, sourced by Archive CD Books  or by the LDS.

Volunteer Transcribers are always welcome, as are Checkers and Validators for the following stages of the work.

Many Census Pieces have been published on-line, and full details can be found on the individual County pages reached from the Project HomePage.


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints  --  also known as the Mormon Church.

On the above site, the UK 1881 Census can be searched on-line.

The LDS has Family History Centers all over the world, and has a wealth of genealogical material published by the GSU (Genealogical Society of Utah).

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British Census Indexes, Transcripts, and Images Available Online or on CD


and  (via the UKBMD site:)   

Free World Wide Databases     

A website with multiple links to more multiple links !

There are also many transcripts on the web, see -

      ( Posted by  Guy Etchells  on  British Genealogy Forum ) [ British Census Forum ]

The GENDOCS website has a list of Victorian London churches:
        ( Posted by  Colin Moretti  on  British Genealogy Forum )    [ Middlesex Forum ]    



Publish Census images on CD, in sets and singles.
Also publish rare books, Directories, Gazetteers, etc, etc on CD.
Their Project Membership Scheme offers a discount on normal prices, and is well worth considering.


Publish Census image sets and Indexes on CD, Directories, etc, etc.

As for S&N above but with more info on Piece Nos, Release dates, etc.

THE GENEALOGIST               
This part of the Group operates surname indexing projects for the various Census counties and years published by S&N/BDA
There is a reward scheme for volunteer indexers.     Details of this, and which Census Pieces are available to choose from, are on this site.
The completed indexes form part of the various on-line databases, accessed normally by fee-paying subscription, but the indexer's reward scheme can allow free access.  

Check the website for full current details.

Gordon Beavington's Website           

for UK indexes as sets & separate CDs

              His UK distributor is at                   

NON-GENEALOGICAL  (but decorative)          Quilts & Patchwork photos   [large files, slow-loading]