I've been browsing the excellent 1861 census CD-roms from ACDB and creating a surname index as I do. The idea being that I can then quickly find entries which may later be of use to me.

Each index will give the   NORFOLK  1861 CD   on which to find the relevant parish, also the piece number and folio/page.

The original census is in the care of The National Archives.

The 1861 census can be purchased from:

I am not doing lookups for these indexes, which are just research aids. Surnames may appear more than once on a census page, but are only recorded once, do check the whole census page. Names are followed by a comma and then the folio/page number.

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These indexes may be used freely to aid private research or study. The use of these indexes for any commercial enterprise is prohibited.

Converting the indexes back to spreadsheet form for sorting

1) Paste index into word processor

2) 'Edit' and 'replace'.         Find text to replace <space>-<space> and replace with <comma>

3) CTRL-A to select all text.

4) 'Table' convert text to table, separating columns with <comma>

You can now manipulate the data in columns and insert a column for the class/piece number and another for the place name.

By combining indexes for different places, you can build up a master index quite quickly and simply.


The following indexes which were on this page have now been transferred to the appropriate individual pages

OXNEAD        1861

RG9/1206 - ACDB CD no.2

BRAMPTON       1861

RG9/1206 - ACDB CD no.2

BURGH-next-AYLSHAM                      Parts 1 & 2.
RG9/1206 - ACDB CD no.2

STRATTON STRAWLESS                     Parts 1 & 2
RG9/1207 - ACDB CD no.2

SCOTTOW         1861                           Parts 1,2, & 3
RG9/1207 - ACDB CD no.2

SKEYTON         1861                            Parts 1 & 2
RG9/1207 - ACDB CD no.2

ERPINGHAM                                            Parts 1 & 2 
RG9/1207 - ACDB CD no.2

RG9/1207 - ACDB CD no.2

                                             Parts 1, 2, & 3
RG9/1208 - ACDB CD No. 2

RG9/1208 - ACDB CD No. 2

HORSFORD                                               Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5
RG9/1208 - ACDB CD No. 2

RG9/1209 - ACDB CD no.2

HEVINGHAM                                            Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5
RG9/1207 - ACDB CD No. 2

SWANTON ABBOTT                                Parts 1 ,2, & 3
RG9/1207 - ACDB CD No. 2

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