Manor House is one of 8 buildings in Herefordshire built using the Base-cruck construction, most of them belonged to 'wealthy' farmers but this one was probably the home of a 'merchant' or 'trader'. It is a timber frame house built about 1320. It consisted of 2 wings with a large central hall open to the roof. During the early 17th century the two wings were joined and a stone fireplace was put in backing onto the SW Wing. The joining of these two wings provides a large 'landing' approx. 22' x 16' which gives an upstairs 'lounge' area overlooking the garden. The staircase built at this time still has its original moulded grip-handrails. Both wings and the 'Hall' (upstairs lounge area) have the original roof trusses which are very attractive.
On Thursday 23rd November 1871 Manor House was sold at auction by The Marquees of Bath to a Mr William Watkins for the grand sum of £115!!!!!

The image below is a drawing of what the left wing of Manor House use to look like, Note how the windows once looked!

This next drawing shows a cross-section of the house 'Base-cruck' and how it once looked before a 1st floor went in. All of the original beams can still be seen in the Guest Lounge.

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