The Rocter’s Leettr


My Daer Frndies,


Cna yuo raed tihs?  Wlel dnoe!

Aoccdrnig to rseaerch form Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno’t mtaetr hwich oerdr the ltteres in wrods are plcaed, we cna uusally maange to wrok0 uot waht’s gnoig on, eevn in choatic picees of txet lkie tihs (tuoghh it hlpes if the frist and lsat ltteres of ecah wrod are in the rghit pclae, eevn if the rset are in a toatl mddlue!)

But, the rseaerch aslo indnictaed that 45 peeopl out of 100 gvie up erlay in suhc tsaks beacsue of a lcak of ptaceine or the anoumt of effrot rqueired.

Redaing tihs Rocter’s Leettr is of cuosre a trviail exrecsie.  Waht wrories me mroe is taht there are mnay ralley imprtnat quetsoins and isuess taht poeple gvie up wroknig on jsut beacsue it’s “too mcuh erffot” - thnigs scuh as fatih, heop and rurserection  .  .  .  but if yuo’ve got tihs fra in yuor radnieg, hofefpully taht’s not you!


Jfef Cluttel.




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