Dear Friends,


A man was driving down the street in his local town. He was normally a very careful driver, so when he passed a traffic camera and it flashed he felt a little peeved. Checking his speed he saw he was clearly just below the 30 mph limit. So certain was he that he hadn’t been over the limit he turned off the road and went round the block to travel along the same stretch of road again to see if the camera might be faulty. This time, as he approached the traffic camera he slowed to 20 and cruised past. Flash! Well, this was getting silly. Round the block he went again and passed a third time at 15 mph. Sure enough, a third flash. Round the block, one more try, this time at 10 mph and pushing his face towards the windscreen he smiled broadly for the camera. Flash! One last time, crawling along so slowly he was barely moving, and stuck his tongue out for good measure. Flash went the camera.

Amused, he travelled on his way and regaled whoever he met over the next few days with his thoughts on the ludicrous broken camera and what the so and so’s at the traffic department would think when they saw his photos. He was more than a little taken aback when, three weeks later, five letters landed on his mat containing five fines for driving without a seat-belt!

How righteous we can feel sometimes about things we’re sure we would never do wrong. We can look at others who have fallen in some way and smile inwardly that we wouldn’t be so foolish. And yet, just like the man in the car, we might be ignoring a glaring fault in our own lives.

May we be thankful to God for loving us in spite of our failings and faults (who knows how many fines would fall through our letterboxes if God sent them out in response to us sinning?) And may we be thankful for our Lord going to the cross, enduring it for the sake of what lay beyond, and for the empty tomb reminding us of the resurrection to new and eternal life offered to us. May we be encouraged with the hope that Easter gives us and live in ways which show we choose to let it change us.

Happy Easter.




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