Dear Friends,

Everybody Welcome

Well, what a wonderful May Day we’ve just had. As it was my first one everything was new but if they’re all as good as that I look forward to many more. Of course, I can’t take credit for the fantastic weather (but if it’s sunny again next year questions will have to be asked!!)

An occasion that’s open to all, non-threatening, exciting, community-building and life-affirming with something for everyone and everyone getting along.

Read that sentence again and it’s obvious that the words fit perfectly with a description of an Astbury May Day. I wonder how close the words would come to describing a St Mary’s church service? (Now you’re going to have to read the sentence a third time)

Well, we’ve had a fair number of ‘mystery worshippers’ attend some of the services at Astbury over the last 6 months. They’ve been asked to report back on everything they experienced from their first visit to our church. The responses have been very interesting.

And they’ll be just one of the things we’ll be looking at in a four week course that’s running on Thursday evenings in the church, starting at 7.30 pm on 10th June. The course is called Everybody Welcome and it is designed to help churches look at what they’re doing that is hitting the spot and whether there’s anything that could be improved.

I wonder how many people ‘try out’ St Mary’s each year? I wonder if they feel welcome? I wonder what would happen if 10% or even 20% of our visitors became regular members of our congregation?

With a course entitled Everybody Welcome, perhaps unsurprisingly, everybody is indeed welcome. Looking at how we make our church welcoming and inviting. I’m praying for good things to grow from it. Please come, if you are able.





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