Astbury Church Registers

  Unfortunately because of the antiquity and unique historic value of the Astbury Parish Records we cannot make them available to personal inspection by the public.

  We are in the process of considering a transfer of the records to the Diocesan Records Office in Chester.

  The DRO may then take photographic copies of the records that they then may make available to public inspection.

  A final decision on this is still in the hands of our PCC.

    The DRO already hold some microfilm copies of certain selected records and it may well be worth checking with them if these will be of any use to you.

  Some of these microfiche copies of 18th Century documents are very difficult to read - not because they are a poor copy but because the originals themselves are very poor. The ink used in that period has badly faded.

           In the interim the Rector himself can offer limited search facilities:

   1.  Copies of Marriage, Baptism or Burial records back to 1st July 1837 can be provided simply at the cost of the certificate 15.00 but require you to specify names and dates as exactly as possible.

   2.  For records prior to 1st July 1837 an additional fee of 15.00 is payable to cover the search involved.

     Unfortunately at this time we are not available to undertake general searches, namely going through records looking for a name, for example.
But if you can specify an enquiry as closely as possible the Rector will do his best to track it down.

    However, this work has to be done alongside the normal business of the Parish and so may take a number of weeks. 

   If you wish the Rector to go into the Parish Records to make a copy of an entry, do feel free to contact him. Fees are payable in advance by cheque, postal order or international money order. 

  Please make payable to "Astbury PCC Fees Account".

  If a search is unsuccessful because of inadequate or incorrect information the fee is not returnable.


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