Service Times

Sunday Services at Astbury Parish Church

8.00 am      Holy Communion

9.15 am      (1st Sunday only) Morning Prayer

11.00 am    Morning Worship

6.30 pm      Evensong - except for the 2nd Sunday Sung Eucharist

Overall, the services at Astbury have something of a traditional ambience.  In particular, those at 8.00, 9.15 and 6.30 use the Church of England's Book of Common Prayer from 1662.

The services at 11.00 are aimed at providing simple Sunday morning worship suitable for everyone.  These are more a mixture of the traditional and the modern.  This is reflected in the music which tends to be a combination of traditional and modern hymns and the liturgies which are based on Common Worship.  Our monthly programme of 11.00 am services follows the general pattern:

  1st Sunday – Family Communion:  A shortened communion service suitable for children and adults with a child-friendly talk.

  2nd & 5th Sundays – Morning Prayer A simple service of sermon, prayers, hymns and songs. Our Junior Church Group runs alongside this service in the village hall.

  3rd Sunday – Holy Communion: A service for all; children who wish to, leave part way through for our Junior Church Group in the Village Hall.

  4th Sunday: - Holy Communion: A communion service with a traditional feel. Our Junior Church Group runs alongside this service in the village hall.


Toys:   If you bring young children with you, do be relaxed and feel free to move around the church there should be boxes of toys in the chapel to the right of the main altar available for use at any time during the service.

Toilets: Until our plans to install toilets in church comes to fruition, current facilities are located in a little building to the left of the main gate: do ask those on the door for directions.

We have a loop system. If you have a hearing aid, please switch to T.

Children and Young People at Astbury

There is a growing children’s and youth ministry here at Astbury.

Junior Church are for pre-school to Primary age groups.  We meet in the Village Hall at 11.00 am, except during School Holidays.  Our aim is to learn about God through games, crafts, stories and fun.  On the 1st Sunday in the month we have our Family Services in Church.  On the 3rd Sunday we start off together in church and then go over to the Village Hall after the opening worship. If you would like further information on Junior Church please speak to Mrs Jayne Goodwin on 01260 299488, Mrs Jennifer Follett on 01260 271743 or Mrs Michaela Cheetham on 01260 290193.

Trailblazers is for young people aged 11 – 15 which meets on Sunday evenings on the first Sunday of each month.   Please contact Mr Chris Shone on 01260 297054.


Baptisms (Christenings)

During the current vacancy in the post of Rector, baptisms take place during one of 11.00 family services once a quarter – perhaps July, October, February and May.

Whilst most of those being baptized would normally be from the Parish of St Mary's Astbury, we do occasionally take baptism services for those from outside the parish who have particular links to the Church and worship with us. These would usually be such links as the parents were married at Astbury or perhaps already send their children to the Church School here in the Village.

On such occasions you will also need to approach the Vicar of the Parish in which you reside for permission for the Baptism to take place. This may be granted if there were proven established links to the Church here in the Village.



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